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"It's an honor of being able to provide solutions for data loss, file backup, partition management and more complex problems by using EaseUS software and other tech methods. I'm feeling great of having your supports."

Experience & Education

Tracy joined in EaseUS in 2013 and has been working with EaseUS content team for over 10 years. Being enthusiastic in computing and technology, she writes tech how-to articles and share technical solutions about Windows & Mac data recovery, file/system backup and recovery, partition management, data transer, and Windows update issues.

With over 10 years of experience of in data recovery, file backup, and partition management, Tracy accumulates rich experiences and writes many tech how-to articles to guide people in resolving file loss, storage device malfunctioning, Mac disk data inaccessible, partition managing, and even computing, etc., problems.
Tracy got a B.A in English Translation from the CCAS (Chengdu College of Arts and Sciences) and received a comprehensive technical training course in EaseUS. She keeps providing secure tips and high quality content based on her IT skills for to help uers solve multiple problems.
Tracy loves cats and currently rises a cat named "Rolling" at home. In her spare time, Tracy loves cycling around the city of Chengdu. She also enjoys watching movies, and American drama. "Friends" is her favorite.

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How to Format External Hard Drive for Mac and PC? 2023 Complete Guide Here

Can I make my external hard drive work on both Mac and PC? Sure, you can set a reliable file system format to the external hard drive so to make it compatible with Mac and PC. How to do so? This guide will assist you in formatting external hard drives for Mac and PC.

Tracy King   |   May 29, 2023

Your Best Guide for SSD Speed Test on Windows 10 | Step-by-Step Guide 2023

The performance of the operating system mainly depends on the speed of the disk drive that is installed in the computer. In this short tutorial, we will show you how to check the speed of SSD and HDD drives on Windows 10 through your laptop or computer.

Tracy King   |   May 28, 2023

How Do I Run SSD Speed Test Online? Your Guide Is Here [Easy & Efficient]

Do you have an SSD and want to know how fast your SSD is? You can do this with the help of simple free programs that allow you to test SSD speed online. This article is about SSD speed testing and contains additional information that may be useful for you.

Tracy King   |   May 26, 2023

How to Format M.2 SSD? [Easy Instructions]

How to format M.2 SSD? Users have to format a new M.2 SSD before storing data on it. This article will address the steps to install and format M 2 SSD.

Tracy King   |   May 26, 2023

How to Fix New Simple Volume Greyed Out Error in Windows Disk Management

When the New Simple Volume is greyed out in Disk Management, you cannot create a new volume on unallocated space on your PC. Here, you can fix New Simple Volume greyed out error on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 hard drive or external USB drive, and create a new partition practical solutions.

Tracy King   |   May 26, 2023

Getting Windows 11 Boot Loop? Troubleshoot This Error Now - EaseUS

Are you getting a Windows 11 boot loop? Then, don't panic. Just check out this EaseUS troubleshoot guide to fix the error now and securely use your Windows 11 PC.

Tracy King   |   May 26, 2023

Windows 11 Upgrade | Convert MBR to GPT Without Deleting Partitions

Microsoft has announced that they will release a new version of Windows - Windows 11, the Sun Valley. Many people are attracted by its better performance and want to update their computers to Windows 11. However, Windows 11 requires the boot mode to be UEFI. In this article, we will tell you how to check your partition style and how to convert from MBR to GPT before updating to Windows 11.

Tracy King   |   May 26, 2023

How to Fix Error No Such Partition Grub Rescue in Windows 11/10

Get error no such partition grub rescue Windows 11/10 and cannot boot your system? This page shows you how to fix error no such partition by fixing MBR and restoring the BCD, configuring the active partition, rebuilding BDC, etc.. Try these solutions to solving grub rescue Windows 11/10.

Tracy King   |   May 26, 2023

How to Clone OS from HDD to SSD Windows 11/10 Easily

With the help of EaseUS Partition Master, you can easily clone OS to SSD on Windows 11/10 without reinstalling. Cloning operating system to SSD can improve your computer performance in many aspects, like faster startup process and quicker application response.

Tracy King   |   May 26, 2023

Does SSD Speed Matter for Gaming? Guide to Select an SSD for Optimizing Gaming Performance

Does SSD speed matter for gaming? Yes, or No? On this page, we'll discuss whether the SSD speed matters for gaming and help you select a suitable SSD to set up a gaming PC with a complete guide.

Tracy King   |   May 26, 2023

RAID 0 vs RAID 1, Comparison and How-to Setup Guide [2023 New]

Do you want to know the differences between RAID 0 and RAID 1? Which is better and when to use RAID 0 or RAID 1? This page covers everything you need to know about RAID 0 and RAID 1. Follow the comparison of RAID 0 vs RAID and learn how to set up RAID disks on your Server computers now.

Tracy King   |   May 26, 2023

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