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Tracy is enthusiastic to share technical tips and solutions about computing and technology. Being an EaseUS member since 2013, she also writes instructional content about data recovery, file/disk partition/system backup and recovery, partition management and iOS/Android data recovery. She keeps a cat and loves cycling. You can also follow her on Facebook or Twitter to get more suggestions.

"It's a great pleasure to be able to share ideas with you and help provide solutions for data loss, file backup, partition management and more complex problems using EaseUS software and other powerful methods. It is also an honor to have your support and care."

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Undo ESD-USB | Convert 32GB ESD-USB Hard Drive/External Hard Drive to Normal

If you accidentally converted your hard drive or external hard drive into a 32GB ESD-USB drive and lost data, don't worr…

Tracy King   |   Oct 15, 2019

Fix 'Photos Cannot Preview or Open' Error in Windows 10/8/7

Relax if you can't preview or open photos on Windows 10/8/7. Reliable methods with EaseUS photo recovery software are av…

Tracy King   |   Nov 27, 2019

Sony Format Recovery: Recover Formatted Photos from Sony Camera

Don't worry if you formatted the memory card on Sony camera and lost all photos and videos. EaseUS file recovery softwar…

Tracy King   |   Aug 19, 2019

Recover Photos and Videos from Formatted DJI Mavic SD Card

When you receive an SD error message asking you to format the SD card in DJI Mavic 2/Mavic Air/Mavic Pro, etc., you'll h…

Tracy King   |   Sep 06, 2019

Top 5 | Best Mac Data Recovery Software in 2020 (Mojave Compatible)

When you lost data on Mac computer or external storage devices, Trash recovery is one basic option that you can try. Ano…

Tracy King   |   Dec 31, 2019

Solved: Restore Data from Unmounted External Hard Drive on Mac

When an external hard drive becomes unrecognizable or inaccessible and lost data on Mac, a big reason is that the drive …

Tracy King   |   Jan 21, 2019

Solved: What to Do with A Dying Hard Drive

A dying hard drive usually accompanies with perceivable signs, like slowing down the computer, frequent freezes, blue/bl…

Tracy King   |   Aug 04, 2019

[HOT] Restore Text Messages on New iPhone XS/XS Max/XR

This page offers directly method to help you restore deleted or lost text messages and other files like photos, videos, …

Tracy King   |   Sep 14, 2018

SD Card Keeps Disconnecting or Disappearing

SD card keeps disconnecting from the camera, mobile phone or Windows PC? Most of the time, SD card shows up and then dis…

Tracy King   |   Aug 04, 2019

Audacity Recovery: Recover Deleted and Unsaved Audacity Recordings

This article offers you a practical solution to recover lost Audacity recordings or audio files after you delete them by…

Tracy King   |   Nov 05, 2019

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