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If the MFT is encrypted, it’s theoretically possible to rescue files by using an undelete program such as EaseUS’s Undelete (Windows or Mac).

-Jack Schofield


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard does have specific features you might like, plus it's really easy to use.

-Tim Fisher


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is one of the most powerful file recovery programs we’ve used. It’s backed by highly advanced features, a great user interface, and a fast deep scan tool, among other things.

-Daniel Blechynden


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard comes highly recommended -- and you have nothing to lose in trying out the free version to see if it works for you.

-Mark Sofia & Wyciślik-Wilson


The best free image recovery software is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. You can download it for both Windows and Mac.



EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can be quite slow in some operations, and it didn't always locate the correct files in our tests. It's packed with features and very configurable, though, and well worth having around just in case of accidents.

-Chris Wiles


No data-recovery app can retrieve everything, but EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro does the best job in testing at recovering lost and deleted files—including files that rival products couldn't find a trace of.

-Edward Mendelson


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free mixes up a user-friendly approach with a handy suite of features in order to help you recover files that you have accidentally deleted from your computer.

-Ana Marculescu


Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is a capable performer, even with the 1GB limit.

-Download.com Staff


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is a good intermediate choice if you’re looking for a balance between intuitiveness and professional data recovery results.

-Jack Busch


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a thorough piece of data recovery software that will even impress IT professionals looking to sharpen their edge. It would beat the competition except for a few tiny flaws.

-Joseph Gildred


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Thankfully, I found a free and fast solution in the form of EaseUS MobiMover. This free utility lets you copy individual albums to a Windows or Mac system, though you might need just a little help with the finer points.

-Rick Broida


Many iPhone owners are also Windows PC users. If you're an iPhone user with a PC that runs Windows, the MobiMover Pro software for Windows also includes WhatsApp chat and attachment backup, plus 24/7 tech support and the ability to pay for just one license for use on multiple computers.

-Erin Smith


Transferring information from your phone to the PC or back is a simple matter. MobiMover is particularly useful for backing up contacts and other important information before purchasing a new device. It’s also just a good idea to backup important information regularly to safeguard it in the event you lose your phone.

-Patrick Hearn


This is a clean, comprehensive and straightforward file transfer tool that gives iTunes a run for its money. It makes transferring data and files between your iPhone and PC or Mac effortless. If you plan on transferring a lot of files, then consider the pro option which has unlimited transfers.

-David Webb


EaseUS MobiMover gives you the ability to move files between your iPhone and Mac and from one iPhone to another.



MobiMover is a program that allows you to share files between your iOS device and your PC in an easy manner.This is very useful, since both operative systems are not compatible, and sometimes we need to backup our iPhone or iPad files in our computer's hard drive, or transfer files from our PC to our Apple device.

-informer staff


Besides, thanks to MobiMover’s affordability and dead simple UI, transfers take almost no time. Of course, the amount of time the transfer takes depends on how much data you’re moving. I was impressed how quickly MobiMover scanned all the files on my iPhone.



EaseUS's MobiMover allows you to manage your iPhone files and export or import your data between either device. You can set it up so that it can back up your phone with one click when it's plugged in. It can also transfer your data between two different iPhones.

-Derek Walter


Easily transfer iPhone, iPad data to Windows or Mac and manage iOS files instantly

- SoftLay staff


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“If you got a new computer and need to transfer your programs, files, apps and user accounts over automatically without having to reinstall everything manually, then you can do so with the EaseUS Todo PCTrans software.”

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“In this video I'm showing you how to create backups, even if Windows no longer boots. Additionally I will also be showing you how to restore those backups and how to clone Windows onto another drive.”

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“In today’s digital world, chances are you use multiple devices to communicate with friends and family, watch videos, play games, share photos etc.”


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“This video offers a review of EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise, a backup and recovery software system. Looking for a backup and recovery solution?”

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“In this video am gonna show you a very convenient way to manage & backup your iPhone's data on any Windows PC or Mac.”

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“It is a lot easier than one might think to resize a partition. Using this free tool from EaseUS. You can get it done in no time. This video shows you just how to do it. ”


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“On-premise backup management solution for PC that performs daily disk imaging and backups of the files present in the hard drive”


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“Download EaseUS MobiMover to transfer photos, video, music, contacts, messages, and more between iPhone and Windows/Mac/iPhone.”


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“Looking for ways to move games from one drive to another? In this video, I show you the simple methods to moving Steam and Epic Games games from one drive to another ”

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“Clone or Back Up a Windows computer with EaseUS, clone a Hard Drive, HDD, SSD”

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“EaseUS MobiMover is a data transfer application that allows you to transfer data from iOS devices to other iOS devices or computers.”

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“Today let’s talk about data loss and ways to restore lost files. It happens to all of us at some point ”

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