EaseUS 1 on 1 Remote Assistance

  • Quick help at your own home or workplace
  • Easy and convenient connection via TeamViewer software
  • Premium technical support with our professionals

EaseUS 1-on-1 Remote Assistance Terms & Conditions

EaseUS 1-on-1 Remote Assistance gives EaseUS representatives the ability to control your computer for troubleshooting purposes. Using this service, support representatives will have full access to your system, to analyze the configuration of your system, view and edit your files and registry, view and comment on your screen. Please remain at your system throughout the entire session to monitor all actions taken. Once your session begins, you will always have overriding control by movement of your mouse. You will also be able to discontinue the session at any time by closing the remote session tool.

  EaseUS product without Service Remote service per incident Annual premium support Lifetime premium support
Price /
Chat yes yes yes yes
Email yes yes yes yes
Remote assistance Standard* Premium* Premium* Premium*
Phone no yes yes yes
Initial Response time 24h 12h 12h 12h
Validity / Until the specific
technical issue is
1-year lifetime

* Standard Remote Assistance: Remote assistance is only provided when needed. EaseUS Tech Support team will use remote assistance for troubleshooting and technical issues fixing.

What we can do for you through EaseUS remote service?

  • Get prompt and efficient remote assistance for EaseUS products, such as backup solution configuration, partition adjustment and management, disk clone, applications transfer, etc.

  • Optimize and maintain Windows computer performance to keep it running smoothly.

  • Fix Windows boot issue caused by various reasons, such as Windows update, hardware replacement, etc.

  • Evaluate your computer, and provide a possible hardware upgrade solution.

  • Fix Windows error, solve the problems encountered when using the computer, and configure windows environment.

  • Fix corrupted HDD/SSD (non-physical damage), recover the lost partition, wipe data, etc.

With EaseUS Remote Service, almost all the common computer related questions can be resolved by our professionals.

The Standard procedure

  • 1The representative will take control of your system to troubleshoot and make the necessary fixes.
  • 2The representative has the ability to modify your system.
  • 3In certain cases the representative is able to view, edit, and exchange file and registry information. You will be prompted to accept or deny each action.
  • 4The representative is able to view and/or change your system configuration for troubleshooting purposes (free space on hard drive, running programs, settings, preferences, etc.).
  • 5The representative is allowed to copy necessary tools to complete the fix or assistance.

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