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Trusted by 40 Million. EaseUS Todo Backup is the complete data protection solution for home and business users.

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  • Individual
  • Business
  • License & Technical Support

  • License Type

  • Freeware
    One License/1 PC
  • One License/1 PC
    One License/1 Server
    One License/1 Server
    One License/Multiple PCs/Servers
  • Technical Support(7*24)

  • Priority
  • Backup

  • File Backup
    System Backup
    Disk Backup
    Partition Backup

  • Email Backup

  • Full/Differential/Incremental Backup

  • Backup to Cloud Free and Home Editons support EaseUS Cloud storage, google drive, dropbox, onedrive.
    Enterprise Editons supports google drive, dropbox, onedrive.

  • Only 250G
  • Backup to Local Disk
    Backup to External Disk
    Backup to USB Flash Drive
    Backup to Network/NAS

  • Security Zone Backup Store backup files to a created security zone. It is an inaccessible partition so malware or ransomware cannot affect it.

  • Backup to Tape

  • Backup Dynamic Disk

  • Backup Speed

  • *
  • ***
  • Schedule Backup

  • Exchange BackupSupport to backup Exchange database and mail

  • SQL BackupSupport to backup SQL database

  • Active Directory Backup

  • Smart BackupSmart Backup is mainly designed for file/folder backup. Every 7-day is a complete backup circle and the 1st day is the date when you create the backup task. The first image of each circle is always full backup. For the other 6 days in this circle, every day starts with a differential image. And the rest image files on every valid day will be incremental backups.

  • Export/Import Backup Plan

  • Support to Centrally ManageBacks up all endpoint devices from one central machine by a single administrator.

  • Image-reserve Strategy This feature can automatically delete created backup image files to free up space on the backup destination.

  • WinPE bootable Disk

  • PXEThis feature can automatically delete created backup image files to free up space on the backup destination.It allows users to launch EaseUS Pre-OS Environment on target machines with network booting. It is useful for bare metal recovery or network deployment.

  • P2V

  • Command LineCreate and execute backup task under Windows command line directly.

  • Backup Schedule

  • One-time BackupSet a schedule to back up later

  • Daily Backup
    Weekly Backcup
    Monthly Backup

  • Event BackupSet a schedule to do backup upon an event, execute incremental backup as the system starts up

  • Multiple Complex Backup Plans

  • Restore

  • File Restore
    System Restore
    Disk Restore
    Partition Restore

  • Dynamic Disk Restore

  • Universal RestoreRestore a complete Windows system backup to a dissimilar hardware with all necessities saved on the system partition

  • Clone

  • Disk CloneTransfer all data (include operating system and program) on the selected hard disk to another. It is especially useful when you want to replace hard disk with a new one

  • Partition CloneCreate an exact same copy of partition

  • System Clone

  • Create Portable USB System Disk

  • Different Sector Size Disk Clone

  • Backup Option

  • Compress

  • Password Protection

  • Split-miror

  • Priority Setting

  • Offsite Copy

  • Email NotificationSend task result to your email. You don’t need to manually check the backup result

  • Pre/Post Command

  • Network Speed LimitThis option means the network transfer limit. It is 0 Mbps by default. In this case, EaseUS Todo Backup is unlimited to utilize the network and disk I/O resource

  • Files ExcludeThis feature can exclude the certain file types and folders to avoid backup the unnecessary files

  • Automatic Image CheckAutomatically check the new backup images and further ensure the created backup images can be restored

  • Tools

  • Manually Check MirrorsAutomatically check the new backup images and further ensure the created backup images can be restored

  • Mount/Unmount image

  • Fix MBRIt can help fix MBR on the system disk to solve the boot issue.

  • Check Partitions

  • Command ShellThis feature can help open Windows Command Prompt to run command lines.

  • Tape managementThis feature can manage the connected Tape device to better store the backup image files.