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Unlock the Easiest Way for Security Migration of Computer Data, Program, Settings, and OS to Your New PC.

To update PC, securely transferring data, programs, settings, and OS to your new computer, follow solutions provided on this page for help. If you want to upgrade the computer hard drive to a new HDD/SSD, follow Clone HDD to SSD without Reinstalling Windows for help. If you want to update iOS devices, follow Transfer Data from iDevice to iDevice

What Makes Your PC Update Difficult

How to keep the massive data - your work files, documents; multiple programs - your favored applications, games; user account - your user profile, account, settings, and even the Windows system from the old computer to your new PC? We know all your worries and challenges. Choose the best solution to fully update your PC without losing any data, program, and setting.

Worries and Challenges that Concern You the Most

Don't worry if you have the following concerns. Read on to help yourself out.

Pick the Best Strategy for Updating Your PC

If your new PC installs with a new OS, click the left button to transfer everything to your new PC. If you need to move OS together with installed programs to the new computer, click the right button.

Transfer Data and Apps to New PCMigrate OS and Apps to New PC

Transfer Data and Apps to A New PC

If you have a pre-installed Windows OS, there are many ways that you can use to transfer files, applications, or settings between PCs. They are Windows built-in method (Nearby Sharing), sync software(OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox), third-party transfer software (EaseUS Todo PCTrans), and a manual method (using an external device). Depending on what you're working with, some methods are better than others.

Compare Options for Transferring Data from PC to PC

You can check the table below to see what makes the most sense for your move.

Comparison Windows Built-in Tool Sync Software EaseUS Todo PCTrans Manual Method
Migration object Files Files Data, applications, and account settings Files
Network requirements WiFi or Bluetooth Network Works with or without network USB cable
File size Limited Limited Unlimited Limited
Supported OS Windows 10 1803 or later Windows & macOS Windows XP-10 & Windows Server 2003-2019 Windows & macOS
Cost Free Depended
(e.g. Dropbox $16.58/M)
$49.95 Depended
(e.g. Seagate 1TB $52.97)
Easiness Complex Medium Easy Easy

As a thumb rule, it's faster to use the best file transfer software - EaseUS Todo PCTrans. In only one click, this transfer tool sets up the new PC and makes you a seamless swap. What are you waiting for? Warm it up with your sweet memories.

Three Methods to Move Data/Apps to Your New PC

When it comes to getting a computer, you'd like to move as much of the data from your old one to your new device as you can. There are three ways you can accomplish this, from transferring data via a network connection, image transfer to app migration between local disks.

PC to PC

PC to PC is able to transfer applications, data, accounts, and settings between two network-connected PCs.

  • Connect your PC to another PC on the same LAN.
  • Transfer applications, files and accounts.

Image Transfer

Image Transfer prepares an image file, then transfers the image to the target PC without using the network. It also works as a backup.

  • Select "Image Transfer" to transfer data via image files.
  • Set up an image storage location and create the image file.
  • Restore images to the new computer.

App Migration

App Migration only transfers applications from one to another partition on an internal hard disk, and free up space to settle down low disk space issue.

  • Select "App Migration".
  • Select applications.
  • Start the transfer process.

Move Windows OS and Apps to A New PC

If you do not have a pre-installed system on your new computer, you can use EaseUS Todo Backup, a system transfer software to complete the system and apps migration. This software provides one-click transfer solution to move Windows OS and programs to a new machine without hardware driver and configuration problem.

To successfully migrate your system to your new computer, you need to pay attention to the following tips:
Creating a boot disk will format your USB drive and cause data loss. So, back up files on your device at first.
The system image is best created on an external disk to facilitate a quick connection to the target computer. But you can also make the bootable drive (do it first) and the system image (do it later) on one external hard drive as long as it's large enough.
You can press F2/F8/Del to enter BIOS to set boot from the WinPE disk.

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