Can You Transfer Software to a New Computer [Safe & Efficient]

Can you transfer software to a new computer? Yes. We can use a manual method or a highly efficient tool to get this done in a single click. Follow the article to learn the detailed steps for both processes.

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You are switching to a new device and want to transfer all the existing data onto your new PC. However, transferring installed programs from an old PC to a new one is not a simple copy and paste using a USB. The first question that pops up is, can you transfer software to a new computer? Continue reading this article from EaseUS and find out the answer.

Can You Transfer Software to a New Computer

Yes, you can transfer software, files, settings, and even licenses to a new computer. However, moving software to another PC manually is not simple.

The process becomes complex because all program components are not stored in a single location and are scattered. If we aim to move them to a new PC, it is unsure whether the program files, Registry, Directory, and associated data may or may not be coordinated. So, how do you transfer software to a new computer completely?

Two Efficient Ways to Transfer Software to a New Computer

To transfer software to another PC, you can check the two methods with detailed steps we provide below.

  1. Method 1. Transfer Software to a New Computer Automatically
  2. Method 2. Transfer Software to a New Computer Manually

Method 1. Transfer Software to a New Computer Automatically

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional is an efficient and secure tool for transferring all your program and software files from one PC to another. This tool allows all your installed programs, software, and applications to be moved to another PC without reinstallation.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

It offers powerful features to help you move software like Microsoft Office and Adobe apps with their Product keys. You can even transfer the Windows license to another PC. The process takes place automatically, without you having to do any work except reactivating the programs on the new PC.

Step 1. Run EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both PCs

Download EaseUS Todo PCTrans and you will be in the PC to PC interface.

Step 2. Choose transfer direction - Old or New Computer

"This is New PC" - Transfer all data from remote old computer to current new computer.

"This is Old PC" - Transfer all data from current old device to a new computer.

choose transfer direction

Step 3. Connect two computers

1. Select your target PC to connect via its IP address or device name and click "Connect".

2. Enter the login password of your target PC and click "OK" to confirm.

If you didn't see the target PC in the listed devices, you can also click "Add PC" to manually connect the target PC by inputting its IP address or device name.

connect two PCs

Step 4. Select apps, programs, and software and transfer to the target computer

1. You can select and choose what you want to transfer from the current computer to the target PC.

2. After selecting desired applications and programs, click "Transfer" to start the transferring process.

select apps to transfer from PC to PC

Besides transferring programs and files to another computer, it also allows you to move programs between drives, uninstall programs completely, backup and restore, etc. If you are facing transfer problems, this data transfer tool can help.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Method 2. Transfer Software to a New Computer Manually

To move programs to an external hard drive or PC manually, we need to use an external hard drive or physically removable USB flash drive to copy and port the applications. There are a lot of complexities involved with this method due to the non-portable applications and assembling the files in the proper directories.

Before proceeding to the steps, there are two things you need to pay attention to if you are using an external drive for transferring: Supported programs via this method and Preparations.

Supported programs:

  • Software that doesn't require installation.
  • Portable programs and software.
  • Programs files with .exe extension.


  • A USB drive or External hard drive.
  • Find and organize setup files and .EXE files for the transfer.
  • Back up the activation or Product key: Whenever you transfer programs and software, there is a chance of crashing. We can receive the crashing software using the backup key in such cases.

Steps to manually copy the programs from one PC to another:

Step 1. Connect the target external hard drive or the USB drive to the old PC and copy the programs and software you want to transfer.

connect usb or external hard drive

Step 2. Eject the USB drive or hard drive from the old PC.

Step 3. Connect it to the new PC and copy and paste the programs into the new PC's hard drive.

Step 4. Configure the program settings required for the software to run and reactivate them.

After completing the process, there will be two cases. One is it runs fine if the process is down correctly. If the program doesn't run, you must find the original installer (downloaded or on DVD/CD) and install it. Of the two methods, the recommended process is to use the third-party software EaseUS Todo PCTrans in Method 1, as it takes care of all these limitations and completes the whole process with just a single click.

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Can you transfer software to a new computer? It is very evident from the two methods that the answer is YES. The manual one is a tiring process involving a lot of complexities, and the automatic process by EaseUS Todo PCTrans is highly recommended to get this done quickly as it can transfer everything to a new laptop or PC with ease.

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Can You Transfer Software to a New Computer FAQs

Here are some of the most frequent FAQs asked on the topic. If you have similar queries, I hope this will help you.

1. How can I transfer everything from my old computer to my new computer Windows 10?

You can either manually transfer the files using an external hard drive or use a highly efficient software tool like EaseUS Todo PCTrans to complete the process in a single click. It transfers files, programs, licensed software, and user accounts also.

2. How do I transfer installed programs?

Use the third-party application EaseUS Todo PCTrans to transfer the installed programs. It is complex to do it using the manual way, as it needs collecting all the associated files and reassembling them along with reinstalling.

3. Can I move program files to another drive without reinstalling?

Yes, you can move program files to another drive without reinstalling. But for them to work correctly, they must be coordinated well in directories to support the OS. This may give rise to problems like low disk space and SSD issues, so use a reliable transfer tool by EaseUS to do this.

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Can You Transfer Software to a New Computer [Safe & Efficient]

Try smart Windows 11 data transfer tool to move all data in 1 click.

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