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Sherly is a newcomer in EaseUS and she is fond of IT knowledge. She has been trained systematically after joining EaseUS and now, she focuses on writing essays about data backup and disk management.

Sherly has always loved writing articles and enjoys the fun they bring. She receives professional training here, focusing on product performance and other relative knowledge.
Sherly majored in English and graduated from Chengdu University after receiving her bachelor's degree. Now, after professional training, she has mastered a lot of IT knowledge and can help users solve common problems such as disk partitioning, data backup, etc.
Sherly loves animals and adopted an abandoned puppy. She is very cute, named Molly. Her favorite thing is to walk with Molly and play ball with her.

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Can't Format/Clean USB Bootable Flash Drive, How to Fix

Why can't format/clean WinTo USB bootable flash drive? How can you fix this error efficiently? Don't worry; this article will guide you on how to remove this error.

Sherly   |   Mar 23, 2023

What Read/Write Speeds Do I Need for a Gaming SSD

What read/write speeds do you need for a gaming SSD? This might be confusing when you want to buy a new SSD for gaming. But don't worry; this short page focuses on this issue.

Sherly   |   Mar 23, 2023

How to Check SSD Health on Windows 10 via CMD [2023 New Guide]

This article elaborates on how to check SSD health on Windows 10 via CMD and introduces a reliable tool to check SSD health.

Sherly   |   Mar 21, 2023

How to Fix NVMe SSD Slow Write Speed Issue

Why does your NVMe SSD respond so slowly? This article focuses on the NVMe SSD slow write speed issue and teaches how to fix it.

Sherly   |   Mar 21, 2023

Why NTFS Formmated Hard Drive Always Mounts with the File System 'FUSEBLK'

Why my NTFS-formatted hard drive always mounts with the file system "FUSEBLK"? Is that normal? What Should I do to help with this issue?

Sherly   |   Mar 20, 2023

I Get 'Formatting the Disk Has Failed' Error in Windows Server Backup Schedule, Help!

Here are quick fixes for formatting the disk has failed in Windows Server backup schedule. If you're facing the same problems, don't miss this short page.

Sherly   |   Mar 20, 2023

What Is Limiting My SSD Speed?

What is limiting my SSD speed and why is it so slow? This article explains why and helps you solve this problem. Dive into learning more details.

Sherly   |   Mar 17, 2023

Run USB Flash Drive Speed Test on Windows 10/11 - 2 Ways

In this article, we'll go over two quick and accurate methods for USB flash drive speed tests. Let's discuss these two methods thoroughly and get the best option for you.

Sherly   |   Mar 17, 2023

How to Run Xbox One SSD Performance Test [Step-by-Step Guide]

Do you want to test your Xbox One SSD performance? Should you upgrade the Xbox One with an SSD? Don't worry; this article gives teaches you to run Xbox One SSD performance efficiently.

Sherly   |   Mar 16, 2023

Can Windows 10 Be Cloned [2023 Fullest Guide]

This article covers the theme "Can Windows 10 Be Cloned" and introduces a professional tool to clone Windows 10.

Sherly   |   Mar 14, 2023

Can't Extend Volume on Windows Server 2016, What Should I Do?

If the extend volume option is greyed out, you cannot extend volume on Windows Server 2016. This article provides a detailed guide on this issue and helps you solve this problem.

Sherly   |   Mar 14, 2023

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