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ASUS Laptop Won't Turn On: 6 Easy Fixes with Guide🔥

Why Asus laptop won't turn on when the power light is on? How to turn on your Asus laptop normally? This article helps you. Dive into learning.

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Updated by Tracy King on Feb 22, 2024
Written by Sherly

ASUS is one of the most popular computer brands. The company is known for its rugged and high-quality products. Users often praise the brand for its wide range of products and affordable prices. As a result, ASUS' popularity continues to grow. However, mistakes are everywhere. Many users reported that the "ASUS laptop won't turn on." Here is a real case from the forum:

Why won't my ASUS laptop turn on? The lights will turn on, but the screen won't. - From Quora
Hi, I have an ASUS zenbook flip (ux370ua), and it was working before bed. This morning, I went to turn it on, and it automatically went to the Asus advanced settings screen but froze. So I turned it off, and now it won't turn on. Or rather, the screen is just black. The light for the power button and caps lock is on, but the fan doesn't seem to be running. - From Reddit

If you are experiencing the same problem, don't worry. This problem is not uncommon among ASUS computer users. Read on as we explain how to fix this problem. But first, we need to understand the reasons why the ASUS computer won't turn on.

Why Your ASUS Laptop Won't Turn On

Finding out why your ASUS laptop won't turn on is crucial so you can figure out how to fix it. We will explain some possible reasons why you might be facing this issue. There are two situations here; check the cause of this error according to your situation:

Situation 1: The ASUS Laptop Cannot Be Turned on and The Power Light Is Off

Here, we list the possible reasons and corresponding quick fixes for you:

  • 🔎Battery problems: The most common sign of a dead battery is when the laptop won't turn on even when charging.

🚩Quick Fix: To know if the battery is the problem, simply remove the battery and plug it directly into the laptop's adapter cable. If your laptop turns on, the battery needs to be replaced.

  • 🔎AC adapter failure: Your laptop's battery may be fine, but the AC adapter is dead, so it won't charge.

🚩Quick Fix: To resolve this issue, replace the AC adapter with a new genuine one. Buying a cheap AC adapter can damage your laptop battery. You can also ask a service center for help.

  • 🔎Loose connection: A loose power supply will not turn on your ASUS laptop. 

🚩Quick Fix: Check whether the power cord plug, socket side plug, and NB side plug are firmly inserted into the correct position.

  • 🔎Power IC failure: The power IC is the bridge between the power supply and the other components of the laptop. If it is broken, it will not be possible to turn on the ASUS computer.

🚩Quick Fix: The power IC can be easily and inexpensively replaced by an experienced technician.

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Situation 2. ASUS Laptop Won't Turn On But the Power Light is On:

This situation is a little complicated, so we'll focus on it. The reasons for this are as follows:

  1. 1. Laptop screen problems: If the power button lights up and the laptop won't turn on, the problem might be the laptop screen. Laptop screens can be damaged by extreme temperatures, physical damage to the computer, or manufacturing defects.
  2. 2. Graphics card issues: If your graphics card is faulty, not properly connected to the main motherboard, or loose, your laptop will not work.
  3. 3. BIOS issues: If your laptop's BIOS is set incorrectly, your computer cannot run the operating system.
  4. 4. Hardware issues: A hard drive or GPU failure can also be why your laptop won't turn on.

Based on these possible reasons, we tested and came up with the following solutions to solve the ASUS laptop won't turn on, but the power light is on.

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One-Click Fix ASUS Laptop Won't Turn On Error

When your ASUS laptop won't turn on, don't worry. EaseUS Partition Master comes to the rescue with its advanced "Boot Repair" feature. Whether it is caused by drivers or BIOS settings that cannot start normally, this tool can repair it with one click. It is very good for beginners because you can fix related startup errors without exploring the complex reasons behind them. 

After studying various startup problems, the EaseUS team has enhanced the product algorithm of the "Startup Repair" function, greatly improving its ability to solve problems.

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Step 1. Start EaseUS Partition Master after connecting the external drive/USB to your computer, go to "Bootable Media," and click "Create bootable media."

create easeus partition master bootable disk

Step 2. Select an available USB Drive or CD/DVD and click "Create." You can also burn the Windows ISO file to the storage media.

create easeus partition master bootable disk

Step 3. Connect the created bootable drive to the new computer and reboot the computer by pressing and holding F2/Del to enter the BIOS. Then, set the WinPE bootable drive as the boot disk and press F10 to exit.

Step 4. Boot the computer again and enter the WinPE interface. Then, open EaseUS Partition Master and click "Boot Repair" under the "Toolkit" option.

open boot repair

Step 5: Select the system you want to repair and click "Repair."

click  repair

Step 6. Wait a moment, and you will receive an alert that the system has been successfully repaired. Click "OK" to complete the boot repair process.

click ok to complete the repair

Free Download 

Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

The user interface of EaseUS Partition Master is very easy to use. It can instantly fix any problem on any computer. Download it to have a try.

How to Fix ASUS Laptop Won't Turn On

If the power light is on, but your ASUS laptop still won't turn on, try the following methods to fix this error.

Fix 1. Check ASUS Laptop Display Settings to Fix ASUS Won't Turn on Issue

You can check for ASUS laptop screen problems by turning the display on and off.

To check your display settings, try the following steps:

  • To turn on/off the display, press Fn + F7
  • To check screen brightness, press Fn + F6

Different ASUS computer models may require different keys to perform these steps. Check the instruction manual if you're not sure.

To check your computer's display, you need to follow the instructions:

  • Connect an external monitor to the Asus laptop.
  • Press Fn + F8

If there is a display on the external monitor, there may be a problem with your laptop's graphics driver.

Fix 2. Hard Reset to Fix ASUS Won't Turn on Issue

In many cases, a hard reset can eliminate many laptop glitches and software issues. We recommend trying this step before more complicated solutions, such as replacing your laptop battery.

To hard reset your Asus laptop, complete the following steps:

  • First, remove any external devices that have been connected to your ASUS laptop.
  • Charge your computer directly by plugging in the AC adapter.
  • Remove the ASUS laptop battery.
  • Press and hold the power button for about thirty seconds until the light turns off. This is called a forced shutdown.
  • Unplug the AC adapter.
  • Press and hold the Asus laptop power button for 40 seconds.

power button

  • Reinstall the battery after completing this step.
  • Plug in the AC adapter.
  • Restart your Asus laptop.

Fix 3. Unplug All External Devices to Fix ASUS Won't Turn on Issue

Too many devices connected to your ASUS laptop may lead to this error. First, unplug all attached accessories, such as external keyboards, mice, and hard drives. Then, turn on the unbootable laptop to check if the problem disappears. If the computer is working, the problem is caused by one of the external devices.

Fix 4. Update BIOS to Fix ASUS Won't Turn on Issue

Find a computer or a laptop that works properly, and download the corresponding BIOS file through the ASUS support website (provided that you know the model of the ASUS computer that cannot be opened normally).

ASUS also gives specific instructions on searching and downloading drivers, utilities, BIOS, and user manuals.

  • Once the download process ends, rename the file extension to ".bin."
  • Connect a USB drive and copy the files to it.

💡The USB drive file system should be FAT32.

  • Connect the USB flash drive to the problematic ASUS laptop.
  • Restart the computer and enter BIOS Safe Mode by holding Ctrl+R during startup.
  • Wait for the computer to restart automatically, and you will enter the EZ Flash utility.
  • Select the ".bin" file of the USB drive and click "Yes" to update the BIOS.
  • After the update process is complete, the laptop will restart automatically.

If your ASUS laptop won't turn on because of Secure Boot Violation, you can check the following article to learn how to fix it.

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ASUS laptops not turning on is one of the problems that ASUS users often encounter in their daily work. I hope this article helps you when you encounter this problem. You can also share this article to help more ASUS users.


ASUS Laptop Won't Turn On FAQs

There are various reasons why your ASUS laptop won't turn on. This could be due to a dead battery, software, or hardware issue. We have listed related issues and hope to help you.

1. How do I turn on my ASUS laptop if it won't turn on?

You can try the following fixes to remove this error:

  • Update BIOS
  • Check laptop Display Settings
  • Unplug external devices
  • Hard reset ASUS laptop
  • Reinstall graphics drivers or reinstall RAM

2. How do I reset an unresponsive ASUS laptop?

  • Remove all external devices connected to the ASUS laptop.
  • Directly charge the laptop by plugging in the AC adapter.
  • Remove the laptop battery.
  • Press and hold the power button until the indicator light turns off.
  • Unplug the AC adapter.
  • Press and hold the power button for 40 seconds.
  • Reinstall the laptop battery, plug in the AC adapter, and restart the laptop.

3. Why did my ASUS screen turn on?

There are various reasons why your ASUS laptop won't turn on, such as a dead battery, a bad charger, software conflict issues, or hardware-related issues.

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