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Roxanne is one of the main contributors to EaseUS and has created multiple posts on digital devices like PCs, Mobile phones, tablets, Mac, etc. She loves to share ideas with people of the same interest.

Roxanne has been writing technical articles since she was graduated from University. She is the new member of the EaseUS team, working up to share her PC knowledge and solving computer errors. As a columnist, she is skillful in data transfer, data recovery, and disk cloning.
Roxanne got a B.A. in University, English major. She has completed content marketing and English literature study on School, having a keen interest in technical writing when she had browsed the PC forums to check info for teamwork. Meanwhile, attracted by intercultural communication, she also learned translation...... Now, above 100+ articles she has written, from PC/drive data transfer to disk partition/clone.
Roxanne enjoys volunteer activities. She has participated in volunteer work at a U.N. conference held in China. In her spare time, she likes to care for her lovely black cat and find a girlfriend for him.

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Best External Hard Drive for PS3: Top 7 Picks for 2023

What is the best external hard drive for PS3? We will introduce the best four external hard drives for PlayStation 3, which can help you to choose a better one.

Roxanne   |   Dec 01, 2023

Best External SSD for Steam Deck [2023 New List]

This passage mainly talks about some information about the Steam Deck and the best external SSD for Steam Deck. You can read it if you are looking for the best external SSD for a Steam Deck.

Roxanne   |   Nov 30, 2023

SanDisk Unveils 4TB Extreme Portable SSD V2 for Lightning-Fast On-The-Go Storage

If you would like to know about SanDisk 4TB Extreme Portable SSD V2 Review, this post will tell you all you need to know about SanDisk 4TB Extreme Portable SSD V2 with detailed information.

Roxanne   |   Nov 30, 2023

Check Out the Best Portable SSD | 2023 List🔥

Are you finding the best portable SSD in 2023 new? You can read this passage, and it will show you 5 best portable SSD in terms of their different specifications.

Roxanne   |   Nov 30, 2023

Breaking Records: New 100TB SSD Sets a New Standard for Data Storage

This article will give you full instructions about 100TB SSD, including what is 100TB SSD, the pros and cons of 100TB SSD, do I need 100TB SSD, and how could I use it.

Roxanne   |   Nov 30, 2023

New 16TB External Hard Drive Released: Perfect for Storing Large Data Files

A 16 TB External Hard Drive can hold a huge amount of documents, various forms of media, software, and applications. This article will introduce the 5 best 16 TB External Hard Drive and talk about the perks of each one.

Roxanne   |   Nov 30, 2023

How Long Do SSDs Really Last? [New Study 2023]

Nowadays, SSD seeps into everyday life and has become indispensable. Then, do you know how long does SSDs last? This article will contain all information you need to know about the lifespan of SSD.

Roxanne   |   Nov 30, 2023

Newest Must-Have and High Performance External SSD for Gaming

What is an external SSD for gaming? If you are unfamiliar with this concept, this article contains all you need to know about external SSD for gaming.

Roxanne   |   Nov 30, 2023

Crucial MX500 SSD: Ultimate Storage Solution for Power Users

Have you ever used Crucial MX500 SSD? This page contains everything you should know about Crucial MX500 SSD, including its basic information, advantages, and comparisons with other SSD.

Roxanne   |   Nov 30, 2023

Samsung EVO vs QVO: Which SSD is Right for You?

Samsung QVO and EVO are two of the popular product line of Samsung, the leading SSD company. This article mainly discusses the three questions. What are Samsung Evo and Qvo? What are the differences between them? Which one should you choose?

Roxanne   |   Nov 30, 2023

Samsung 990 Pro: Ultimate Solid-State Drive for High-End PCs

If you are wavering about whether to buy Samsung 990 Pro, you should read this passage, which can help you get all the necessary information about this product before making your decision.

Roxanne   |   Nov 30, 2023

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