How to Fix Pen Drive Showing Write-Protected Error

When I plugged my pen drive into my computer, it showed the disk was write-protected. What should I do to fix this error? Is there anyone who can help me? Thanks in advance.

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Roxanne· Answered on Apr 18, 2023

According to your question, I can learn that your pen drive has been write-protected. Briefly, it means that you cannot make any changes to the device, including any modification, deletion, or edition, and your data is protected in a safe way. Therefore, if you want to fix this error to modify or add any file to the device, you need to remove the write protection for your pen drive. And then, you can make some changes to the device.

In most cases, 99% of write protection on a pen drive comes from the physical lock and virtual attribute change. By figuring out the reasons behind it, it becomes easier for us to cure this problem and remove write protection successfully.

So the first method is to check the physical lock. In most cases, 99% of write protection on a pen drive comes from the physical lock and virtual attribute change. We can fix this issue and remove write protection successfully by figuring out the reasons behind it.

But if your pen drive does not have a physical switch, you can consider the second method by changing its virtual attribute. It is a third-party software: EaseUS Partition Master, which can help users fix the pen drive showing write-protected errors in a simple and quick way. Especially for those users who have little computer knowledge and are not familiar with command lines, it is a better option.

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Therefore, you can have a try using this software. Here are some detailed steps for you:

Step 1. Download the EaseUS Partition Master, and install it.

Step 2. Enter the Toolkit section, and click "Write Protection."

Step 3. Select your write-protected pen drive, and click "Disable."

Following the above steps, it is believed that your pen drive can be removed from the write protection. Besides, the EaseUS Partition Master has other helpful functions you may be interested as follows:

In conclusion, the EaseUS Partition Master is a good choice for you to fix the pen drive showing write protected error. Now you can try to remove the write protection for your pen drive. Good luck.

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