Is There Any Way to Change Legacy BIOS to UEFI BIOS?

My motherboard is Gigabyte Gaming B8-CF. I want to know how to convert my PC's Legacy BIOS to UEFI BIOS without problems. I am not sure whether I need to do another operation. Who can help me? Advanced thanks!

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Roxanne· Answered on Jul 31, 2023

As we know, if your Operating System is upgraded to a higher version, such as Windows 11, the default boot mode of the computer will become UEFI BIOS. However, the UEFI mode is only available on the GPT disk. Therefore, you need to convert your Windows disk from MBR to GPT before you change the BIOS mode to UEFI mode.

For your data security, we highly recommend you use the third-party software EaseUS Partition Master, which can convert system disks from MBR to GPT with simple steps.

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Use the EaseUS Partition Master to convert partition type as follows:

Step 1. Download and install EaseUS Partition Master.

Step 2. Open "Disk Converter, " choose "Convert MBR to GPT," and click "Next" to begin.

Step 3. Tap on the wanted MBR disk and click "Convert."

The second phase is to change the boot mode from Legacy to UEFI, which is complex. Again, follow the steps carefully if you don't want to cause damage to your computer:  

Step 1. Restart PC and long-press F2 to open the BIOS boot menu.

Step 2. Locate the "Boot" options menu. Select "UEFI" in the "UEFI/BIOS Boot Mode" and click "Enter."

Step 3. Select the "Save & Exit" and press "Enter. "

After all the process is finished, reboot your PC from the GPT disk. If you want more information, click the link below to find more information.

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