Can I Format a 64GB USB Flash Drive to FAT32 and How?

I have a 64 GB USB flash drive, which I want to format to the FAT32 file system and use to store videos. However, I was told I couldn't format storage devices larger than 32 GB. Is there any way to help me with that? Looking forward to your suggestions. Thanks.

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Roxanne· Answered on Dec 20, 2023

Yes, you can. As we know, there is a 32GB limitation of drive that can be formatted to FAT32 in Windows. That's because Microsoft prefers users to use NTFS instead of FAT32 for large capacity. In addition, the newer versions of Windows only support NTFS and ExFAT for a 64 GB memory stick, so you can't format it to FAT32 without help. 

You need to use reliable third-party software - EaseUS Partition Master, which can break the size limit to format a 64 GB or even larger USB flash drive to FAT32. In addition, it uses a professional partition manager that can finish the format process without capacity adjustment or USB corruption. Beyond FAT32, this tool also supports formatting your storage device to NTFS, Ext2, and Ext3 file systems.

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Install this software on your PC and refer to the easy steps to format your 64 GB USB to FAT32:

Notification: Format a USB flash drive will erase all of your data, so it's vital to keep your essential data fully backed up.

Step 1. Connect the 64 GB USB to your computer and launch EaseUS Partition Master.

Step 2. Enter "Partition Manager" to right-click the partition you plan to format and choose "Format."

Step 3. Set the Partition label, select the file system(FAT32), set the cluster size according to your needs in the new window, and click "OK" to apply.

Step 4. Then you will see a warning window that informs you format will erase the data. Click "Yes" to move to the next step.

Step 5. Click the "Execute 1 Task(s)" button to preview the changes, then click "Apply" to begin formatting the 64 GB USB to FAT32.

After the format process, your 64 GB USB may successfully be changed into FAT 32. If you fail to format your USB to FAT 32, you can check the three methods in the following link:

Further Reading: Fix USB won't format to FAT32

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