Is It Possible to Extend a Partition Without Losing Data?

Hi, guys. I have set up two partitions on my hard drive, and I'm not satisfied with the size of one partition. Is it possible to extend a partition without losing data?

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Roxanne· Answered on Aug 09, 2023

The answer is definitely yes. We occasionally need to resize the partitions on our hard drives for various reasons. I will provide two practical ways to help you expand a partition successfully. Read this post and find the best method on your own.

Way 1. Extend Partition via EaseUS Partition Master

Regarding a pragmatic partition manager, EaseUS Partition Master must have a name for its comprehensive partition features, such as extending, shrinking, and deleting. It can help users resize the normal and encrypted partitions without losing data.

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Ensure there is unallocated space on your hard drive, or you can create by shrinking other partitions:

  • Go to the "Partition Manager" part, right-click the free space prominent partition, and select "Allocate space."
  • Choose the target partition you want to extend at the allocated space to the column.

Step 1. Locate the target partition, and choose "Resize/Move."

Step 2. Drag one of the ends rightward or leftward to add the unallocated space into the partition and click "OK" to confirm.

Step 3. Click the "Execute 1 Task" button at the top and select "Apply."

Way 2. Using Disk Management to Extend Partition

The second way is to run Disk Management to resize the hard drive partition. However, you can use this tool when unallocated spaces are next to your target partition. Follow the specific guide below:

  • Right-click on "This PC" > "Manage," and click "Disk Management."
  • Find the partition you wish to extend, right-click on it and select "Extend Volume."
  • Enter the extended size in MB in the popup window and hit "Extend."
  • Click "Finish" after completing the wizard.

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