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How to Upgrade Xbox Series X/S Storage [Ultimate Guideline]

Are you running out of space on your Xbox Series X/S? Did you know Microsoft allows users to upgrade their storage space? If not, follow our guide on upgrading Xbox series X/S storage using easy methods.

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Updated by Roxanne on Jul 25, 2023

Regarding gaming, storage plays an important role, and unlike PC setup, consoles come with limited storage space. Storage becomes an issue with these consoles as you keep downloading new games. The updates take up space, and so do the new generation games which offer the best quality. Thankfully with Xbox Series X/S, storage can be upgraded. Microsoft has allowed users to add or replace hard drives with higher-capacity drives. In this article, EaseUS will provide step-by-step instructions and expert recommendations to simplify the process. 

How to Upgrade Xbox Series X/S Storage

As modern games increase in size, especially those supporting 4K, you cannot always keep all the games on the console and will run out of space. Hence upgrading is essential. In this part, you will learn how to upgrade Xbox Series X/S Storage by adding an Xbox expansion card/external storage device or upgrading the Xbox Series X/S SSD. Make sure to pick up storage size based on your requirement. If you keep the games installed, you will need more extensive storage. 

We will display a comparison table so that you can get to know comprehensive information about the two upgrading methods:

⏱️Duration 2-8 Minutes
💻Goal Upgrade Xbox Series X/S Storage
🧰Preparation Xbox Series X/S console, an Xbox Expansion Card/External Hard Drive (SSD/HDD)/USB Flash Drive

✔️[Easy]Upgrade the Xbox Series X/S SSD: easy with the help of EaseUS Partition Master.

✔️[Easy] Additional Storage Option: plug-and-play, although pricy.

  1. 1. Upgrade the Xbox Series X/S SSD to a Larger One
  2. 2. Use an Additional Storage Option

Way 1. Upgrade the Xbox Series X/S SSD

One way to expand your Xbox's storage is to replace its SSD with a higher capacity. In this scenario, we recommend using EaseUS Partition Master, which simplifies the process by allowing you to clone your current SSD onto the new one with the "Disk Clone" feature. Upgrade storage by cloning to a better SSD that can carry every piece of information, which can get started instantly and can be plugged into another system. When replacing an existing storage of an Xbox console with a new one, you can clone and instantly start playing.

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Here is how you can clone the existing storage of your Xbox with EaseUS Partition Master:

Step 1. Select the source disk.

  • Go to the "Clone" tab, click "Clone OS Disk" or "Click Data Disk". And then click "Next" to continue.
  • Select the source disk that you want to copy or clone. Then, select "Next".
select the disk that you want to copy

Step 2. Select the target disk.

  • Choose the wanted HDD/SSD as your destination and click "Next" to continue.
choose a suitable destination
  • Check the warning message and click "Yes" to confirm.
confirm to continue the cloning process

Step 3. Select clone mode.

You can select "Autofit the disk", "Clone as the source" to customize your disk layout.

Step 4. Click "Start" to start cloning process.

copy disk 4

After cloning, you should install the new SSD on the Xbox, download the offline update file from Microsoft on a USB flash, and then plug it into the console to perform an offline system upgrade. You can refer to the official guide from Xbox Support.

Besides SSD cloning, EaseUS Partition Master boasts features like partitioning, formatting, and merging your SSD's data. We highly recommend giving this tool a shot.

Noble Features:

  • SSD Maintenance: EaseUS Partition Master can offer multiple supports for maintaining performance and extending SSD's lifespan.
  • Check SSD for errors: scan and locate bad sectors that slow down the drive.
  • It can run SSD performance tests and modify SSD to improve it.
  • Test SSD read and write speed and show accurate results.

Another way is to add extra storage by using an additional storage device. There are three primary devices to upgrade your Xbox Series X/S storage: Xbox Expansion Card, External Hard Drive (SSD/HDD), and USB Flash Drive. Setting up these devices is straightforward. Plug them into your console for USB flash drives and external hard drives. On the other hand, the Xbox Expansion Card can be inserted into the dedicated storage expansion port on the rear of the console.

Set Xbox Expansion Card:

The Storage Expansion Card for Xbox X and Xbox S is Microsoft-certified storage for the console. It matches the internal storage speed and lets you move games to the card. The console also offers a dedicated slot for the expansion card.

set xbox expansion card

It is the easiest way to add storage to the Xbox. The console comes with a dedicated storage expansion port. The card will instantly be added to the console once you plug in the card. You can plug in a card or compatible SSD, which should work as expected.

Set an External Hard Drive or USB

When picking up an external hard drive or USB, you must ensure that the read-Write speed matches the internal storage or is at par. It is best to pick up SSD hardware, not anything else.

These devices can also be included, except that you must format them and choose what you plan to do with the console.

Step 1. Turn on your console and the controller.

Step 2. Plug the SSD or USB to one of the USB ports of the console

Step 3. An option should appear on the console asking how you want to use it—media or Games& Apps.

format storage device

Step 4. Click on the Format button to store games. The console will format the drive and make it part of it. 

Step 5. You can also choose it as the default storage space to save games.

However, some OEMs or game developers do not allow games to be moved to external drives. They can be played through the expansion card or internal storage. 

file can't be played from exeternal hard drive

Both of the above methods can significantly upgrade your Xbox series X/S storage, and you can share this useful on your social media platforms:


Why Should I Upgrade Xbox Series X/S Storage

So, why should you consider upgrading your Xbox Series X/S storage? The answer is simple. More storage means more games and smoother gameplay. 

Larger Game Installations: As video games' graphical fidelity and complexity increase, so does their storage footprint. Modern games often take up tens of gigabytes, with some AAA titles exceeding 100GB. The Xbox Series X, with a 1TB SSD, and the Series S, with a 512GB SSD, can only hold a limited number of these giant games. Upgrading your storage allows you to install more games and be ready to play anytime.

Optimized Performance: The Xbox Series X/S consoles are designed to take advantage of Microsoft's Xbox Velocity Architecture, a technology that significantly enhances game load times, asset streaming, and game switching. However, games must be installed on the internal SSD or a proprietary expansion card to reap these benefits. Expanding your storage with a compatible device will ensure that all your games benefit from this technology.

Save Management: Upgrading your storage can give you more flexibility with game save data and installations. You won't need to juggle games, constantly uninstalling and reinstalling based on what you're currently playing.

Next-Gen Games: Xbox Series X/S-specific games are designed to use the consoles' SSD technology for improved performance. Having these games on an external HDD won't allow for the same level of performance.

Media Storage: If you use your Xbox Series X/S as a media center, downloading movies, music, and other media, additional storage will allow you to store more media files.

However, remember that expanding Xbox Series X/S storage with the proprietary expansion card can be costly, so weigh the benefits against the cost. An alternative solution is to use an external HDD or SSD to store games you're not currently playing and move them to the internal storage as needed, though this method is less convenient.


The Xbox Series X/S gaming systems were introduced with a notable enhancement in storage technology compared to their forerunners. These gaming systems have bespoke PCIe 4.0 NVMe solid-state drives (SSDs), signifying a substantial departure from the slower hard disk drives (HDDs) in previous gaming consoles. The Xbox Series X includes a 1TB SSD, while the Xbox Series S has a 512GB SSD.

Upgrading your Xbox Series X/S isn't as complicated as it may seem. Whether you use an additional storage option or upgrade your SSD, you can drastically improve your gaming experience. Furthermore, tools like EaseUS Partition Master make the process simpler and worth trying.

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FAQs About Upgrade Xbox Series X/S Storage

You may still have some questions about upgrading your Xbox Series X/S storage. Below are answers to some of the most common ones:

1. Can you upgrade the Xbox One storage?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade in multiple ways. You can upgrade the Xbox One storage by adding an external hard drive or replacing the internal HDD. You can use the official Seagate storage or any other which offers higher read and write speed. And you can test Xbox One SSD performance regularly to maintain high-speed operation.

2. How do I add more storage to my Xbox?

You can add more storage to your Xbox by plugging in a compatible external hard drive, SSD, USB, or an Xbox Expansion Card. However, if you want to move games, it is only possible when you use the expansion card or internal storage.

3. What storage is best for Xbox Series S?

The best storage for Xbox Series S is a high-speed SSD or the official Xbox Expansion Card for optimal performance. You can add up to 2 TB of expansion card; since Microsoft approves it, it ensures you get the best performance. However, an external HDD can also be used for less demanding storage.

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