Is Remnant 2 Crossplay [PS5/PS4/Xbox/PC]

Does Remnant 2 finally have crossplay now that it's on GamePass on PC? Why is my GamePass not working? Can somebody answer my question or tell me some reliable information?

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Roxanne· Answered on Mar 11, 2024

Unfortunately, Remnant 2 does not support crossplay between different consoles and devices, which means gamers can only crossplay with others on the same platform.

The good news is that Remnant 2's developers, Gunfire Games, are actively working to incorporate crossplay support. They tell gamers it is a top priority despite the technological difficulties in linking disparate platforms. Although a precise release date is unknown, the devs have alluded to a potential release concurrent with upcoming DLC releases.

Based on the experience of forum users, Steam, Epic, and GamePass users can play together. If your Epic and Remnant accounts match, you can play with your pals on any PC platform.

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