How to Transfer Save Data From PS4 to PS5 [Fast & Easy]

Are you shifting from PS4 to PS5 to improve your gaming experience? Learn fast and easy ways to transfer save data from PS4 to PS5 instantly.

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Gaming consoles are a beloved device among the teenage community, with PlayStation leading the consoles from the front. The launch of PS5 led to many users seeking to upgrade their devices from PS4. This also led to the need to transfer saved data from PS4 to PS5. 

While this is not a requirement of many gaming beginners, users who are into gaming keenly look into the associated methods. EaseUS will provide you with an overview of the methods to transfer and save data from PS4 and PS5. Look into the appropriate ways and determine the best method for the data transfer.

Automatically Transfer Save Data From PS4 to PS5

For the first method, we will discuss the automatic technique of transferring saved data from PS4 to PS5 using a proficient method. EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional provides a complete setup for transferring all data between devices. This powerful technique will help automatically move the saved files and games from PS4 to PS5. In addition to its generic support for Windows devices, it extends its connectivity to gaming consoles.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a complete backup resource for protecting the device's data. While it is a safe option, it also provides a high-speed data transferring system. For sharing the saved data from PS4 to PS5, this innovative tool is an excellent option for all gamers.

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Connect the hard drive of both PS4 and PS5 consoles. Then follow the step-by-step guide to transfer saved data from PS4 to PS5:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans and select transfer mode

On the main screen of EaseUS Todo PCTrans, go to "App Migration" section and click "Start" to continue.

select transfer mode

Step 2. Select apps and another drive to transfer

1. Select the source partition and tick applications, programs and software (marked as "Yes") that you'd like to migrate.

2. Click triangle icon to select another drive or disk as your target device and click "Transfer" to start the migration.

Select apps to migrate

Step 3. Finish the migration process

When the transferring process finishes, click "OK" to complete.

You can restart your PC to keep all the changes, and you should be able to run your migrated apps on the other drive again.

finish app migration

Other Premium Features of EaseUS Todo PCTrans

With all these exceptional features highlighted, you should consider downloading EaseUS Todo PCTrans to transfer the saved data from PS4 to PS5.

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Manually Transfer Save Data From PS4 to PS5

Although you've learned an automatic technique to transfer saved data from PS4 and PS5, we will go through some manual methods providing a system to transfer data from PS4 to PS5.

Way 1. Using the PlayStation Data Transfer Option

PlayStation offers a dedicated Data Transfer feature to help you transfer save data from PS4 to PS5. However, there are some requirements you need to ensure, such as both PS5 and PS4 running on the latest software, the same account being logged in, and working Wi-Fi. After ensuring these requirements, follow the below instructions:

Step 1. From your PlayStation 5, tap the "Settings" icon and access the "System" settings. Then, tap the "System Software" option to locate and proceed to the "Data Transfer" feature.

playstation system data transfer

Step 2. To proceed with the Data Transfer process, press the "Continue" button and hold your PS4 Console button once it is detected for 1 second until it bleeps. Once your PlayStation 4 restarts, the data will load on your PS5.

restart ps4 for preparation

Step 3. Continue to choose the saved data and games you want to transfer from PS4 and complete the data selection by pressing the "Next" buttons. Your PlayStation will show you the estimated data transfer time. Press the "Start Transfer" button to complete transferring saved data from PS4.

choose data to transfer from ps4

Don't forget to share the practical methods in this tutorial with other PlayStation users:


Way 2. Using External Hard Drive/USB

Are you facing an unstable Wi-Fi connection or want to sell the PlayStation 4 first before buying the latest PS5 or PS5 Slim? Preparing an external hard drive or USB drive to copy the games from your PS4 and transferring them to PlayStation 5 at a better speed can be an optimal solution. You can go through the simplified guide provided below to perform this way:

Step 1. You must access the "Application Save Data Management" settings from your PS4 Settings. Afterward, proceed to the "Save Data in System Storage" settings and choose the "Copy to USB Storage Device" option.

proceed with usb

Step 2. Choose the saved data of your favorite games you want to move to the USB drive. Once the transfer process is completed, detect it from your PS4 and attach it to the USB port of PlayStation 5.

choose saved games

Step 3. On PlayStation 5, you have to proceed into the "Saved Data and Game/App Settings" settings and choose the "Saved Data (PS4)" tab from the left panel. Continue to select the "USB Drive" option, tap on "Copy to Console Storage," and press the "Copy" button after selecting the required saved data.

copy to console storage option

Way 3. Using Cloud Storage

You can also utilize the Cloud Storage feature offered in the PlayStation Plus membership to transfer saved data from PS4 to PS5. If you buy the PlayStation Plus plan, you get 100GB of space to store PS5 saved data and 100GB of PS4 saved data. Regarding game cloud saves, you may be interested in the hot game - Palworld's cross-platform cloud saves feature:

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Look ahead at the simple step-by-step instructions provided below to transfer the saved data using the PlayStation Plus membership:

Step 1. Launch the PlayStation 4 Settings and continue to access the "Application Saved Data Management" settings. Here, you must choose the "Saved Data in System Storage" option and tap the "Upload to Online Storage" feature.

upload to online storage load

Step 2. Checkmark the PlayStation 4 save data you want to upload to the cloud and tap the "Upload" button from the bottom right corner. Then, tap the "Settings" icon on your PS5 and go to the "Saved Data and Game/App Settings" option.

press upload button

Step 3. From here, you have to opt for the "Download or Delete from Cloud Storage" option by accessing the "Saved Data (PS4)" tab. Next, choose the games you want to download from the cloud and press the "Download" button.

tap the download button


This informative guide has provided four comprehensive techniques to transfer saved data from PS4 to PS5. With an automated method in hand, you can easily transfer important data from your old PlayStation to the new device. Although the discussed manual methods will provide you with a way to get the task done, they tend to work in a more extensive manner than the automated process discussed above.

With the aid of EaseUS Todo PCTrans, the process of transferring important data between devices becomes consistent. If you wish to perform a similar task, consider downloading and installing this transferring service to make all essential transfers.

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FAQs About Transferring Save Data From PS4 to PS5

For a better understanding of transferring saved data from PS4 to PS5, we've gone through some more questions provided next:

1. Can you transfer saved data from PS4 to PS5?

Yes, multiple techniques are available to transfer saved data from PS4 to PS5. This article discussed transferring the saved data using the PlayStation Data Transfer Feature, External Hard Drive, and Cloud Storage.

2. How long does the data transfer from PS4 to PS5 take?

The estimated time required to transfer data from your PS4 to PS5 depends entirely on the number of games and apps you are moving.

3. How do I transfer PS4 data to PS5 without PS4?

If you have added your PS4 data to Cloud Storage, you can move the data to PS5 without any problem. For this, you have to go through the below instructions:

  • Open the PS5 "Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings" and choose the "Save Data (PS4)" tab.
  •  Select the "Download or Delete from Cloud Storage" feature and press the "Download" button after selecting the required PS4 data.

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How to Transfer Save Data From PS4 to PS5 [Fast & Easy]

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