How to Move Genshin Impact to Another Drive | 2 Ways

Genshin Impact has a large number of loyal players, and most of them are annoyed by their limited storage space. Don't worry. This 2024 guideline has collected two reliable methods for how to move Genshin Impact to another drive.

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Genshin Impact is a large game that requires significant storage space on your hard drive. If you are running out of storage space or simply want to optimize your gaming experience, moving Genshin Impact to another drive can help alleviate these issues. In this post, EaseUS will introduce two methods and step-by-step guides to help you transfer Genshin to a bigger drive without reinstallation.

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How to Move Genshin Impact to Another Drive - 2 Tips

This part will guide you through two tips for moving Genshin Impact to another drive. Before each of them, we also labeled the duration, difficulty, and suitable users before each way:

  1. #1. EaseUS Todo PCTrans - Best Data Transfer Expert
  2. #2. Copy and Paste the Genshin Impact File

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Way 1. Safe Game Transfer Software - EaseUS Todo PCTrans

  • ⏱️Duration: About 10 minutes
  • 💻Difficulty: Easiest
  • 🧲Suitable User: From beginners to experienced users.

To efficiently transfer Genshin Impact to another drive, you can rely on reliable and versatile software - EaseUS Todo PCTrans. This utility is designed to simplify transferring data, applications, and games between two devices. One of the standout features of EaseUS Todo PCTrans is its ability to automate the game transfer process. The tool intelligently detects and selects game files, seamlessly moving all relevant data to another drive.

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Below is the comprehensive tutorial on how to do it:

Step 1. Run EaseUS Todo PCTrans to start

Run EaseUS Todo PCTrans on your Windows 10/8.1/8/7 computer. Navigate to the "App Migration" transfer mode and click "Start".


Step 2. Choose the games you want to transfer

On the left bar, you need to choose the drive where the games are installed. Next, find the games you want to transfer and tick the box. Since you're going to move the selected games to the SSD, click triangle icon to set the SSD as the target location. Finally, click "Transfer".

choose SSD as the destination drive to save games

Step 3. Initiate the transfer process

EaseUS Todo PCTrans will start immediately to migrate the games from one hard drive to the SSD. Wait for the process to complete.

transfer games to ssd

Beyond moving games, EaseUS Todo PCTrans allows users to perform the following features:

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Way 2. Copy and Paste the Genshin Impact File

  • ⏱️Duration: About 12 minutes
  • 💻Difficulty: Medium
  • 🧲Suitable User: All levels of users.

Genshin Impact will be updated regularly, which brings a lot of stress to your hard drive. Large files and programs usually be stored on the system C drive by default. If your C drive is full D drive is empty, you can copy and paste Genshin Impact to the D drive:

Step 1. Find and locate the Genshin Impact file in File Explorer.

locate genshin file

Step 2. Right-click it to copy the whole file, enter the D drive, and paste the game file.

Step 3. Navigate to config.ini. file and right-click it to choose open with Notepad.

Step 4. Replace the drive letter after game_install_path= with the drive you store Genshin Impact now.

modify file location

Step 5. Inform the Launcher where the game is located to skip Installation:

change file path

  • Launch the Launcher file and see the "Change file path" option in the left corner.
  • Click "Change" and select the right location. Open the file and choose "Select folder" > "Continue."
  • Hit "Install" at the end.

continue and install genshin

Save all the changes and check if it's working.

If you want to install Genshin Impact and find there's not enough space to download it, you can refer to the workable solutions below:

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This article discusses how to move Genshin Impact to another drive in two practical ways. Copy and paste may be the first method that comes to the players' minds, but you may miss some files during the process. However, turning to the trusted data transfer tool EaseUS Todo PCTrans can circumvent this obstacle and transfer Genshin Impact to another drive without reinstallation. Download this software and free up your hard drive now!

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FAQ of How to Move Genshin Impact to Another Drive

To answer more queries about how to move Genshin Impact to another drive, we prepared some further questions and comprehensive answers for players in this FAQ section:

1. How do I change the file location of Genshin Impact?

You can simply change the file path in the config file:

  • Locate and find your Genshin Impact file on your PC.
  • Enter config.ini. file and change the file path under game_install_path_value:.
  • Launch the game and help it to find where your game file is now stored.

2. Can I move Genshin Impact from C to D?

Yes, you can move Genshin Impact from C to D with a professional game transfer tool - EaseUS Todo PCTrans. To seamlessly complete this task, you can view and learn more information in the related article as follows:

🚩Read More: How to Move Files From C Drive to D Drive [4 Fast Ways]

3. How do you back up the Genshin Impact files?

Get an empty external hard drive and plug it into the computer that installed Genshin Impact. Then, follow the easy steps below:

  • Find and copy your Genshin Impact folder to your backup location.
  • Copy your folder to your preferred location.
  • Open the game folder where the launcher.exe is located.
  • Open config.ini. and modify game_install_path_value.

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How to Move Genshin Impact to Another Drive | 2 Ways

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