How to Uninstall Apps on Windows 11 [Ultimate Guide]🔥

Apps and programs can take up a significant amount of space on a computer. Thus, we will discuss how to uninstall apps on Windows 11 in this article and offer five reliable ways to help you do that.

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Are there programs on your computer that you don't need or use anymore? The easiest way is to uninstall them, which can free up disk space and enhance the performance of your computer. Windows 11 has many built-in tools that can help you remove unwanted apps and programs. However, the built-in uninstall options may remain leftover files and registry entries that can clog up your system.

Don't worry. In this article, EaseUS will also introduce a practical uninstaller for apps and programs, assuring you to undertake this complicated task. Read on and find more details.

How to Uninstall Apps on Windows 11 - 5 Methods

The methods below will quickly and effectively help you solve. Before delving into the systematic guidelines, let's take a quick look at the comparative information of them:

⏰Duration 5-10 Minutes
💻Goal Uninstall Apps on Windows 11
👩‍💻Suitable User For all users: Beginners to Experts
  1. 1️⃣Way 1. EaseUS Todo PCTrans - Easiest
  2. 2️⃣Way 2. Windows Settings - Medium
  3. 3️⃣Way 3. Control Panel  - Medium
  4. 4️⃣Way 3. Start Menu - Medium
  5. 5️⃣Way 3. CMD - Complicated

Way 1. Apply Professional Apps Uninstaller

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a reliable and user-friendly tool for comprehensive data transfer and app management. It provides a thorough and safe app management function that can help users uninstall apps and fully wipe out all the leftover files on Windows 10 efficiently. In addition, this tool simplifies the transfer process, saving time and effort, and it transfers not only files but also applications and settings.

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Straightforward steps to uninstall apps and programs using EaseUS Todo PCTrans:

Step 1. Choose App Management, Click "Start" to securely uninstall your apps and repair your damaged apps. 


Step 2. All of apps installed on your PC, choose the selected one you want to uninstall or repair. (If your uninstall process fails, you can click the small triangle icon and select "Delete".)

app management 2

Step 3. Click "Uninstall". (If you want to repair apps, click the icon right behind "Uninstall" and choose "Repair".)

app management 3

Other Fantastic Features of EaseUS Todo PCTrans

In addition to deleting apps and programs, EaseUS Todo PCTrans provides some additional features as follows:

If you have any need for the above features, download and enjoy easy operations.

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Way 2. Use Windows Settings

The second way is to delete your apps in Windows Settings, which can show all your installed apps and programs. Then, you can locate and execute the uninstallation as the following guide:

Step 1. Choose the Start icon and access "Settings" > "Apps" > "Installed Apps."

windows 11 installed apps

Step 2. Locate the app before clicking the three-dot icon, and choose "Uninstall."

uninstall selected apps

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Way 3. Uninstall from Control Panel

The next way is to use the Windows Control Panel, which can easily uninstall Google Chrome. Here are the quick steps for uninstalling apps and programs in Windows:

Step 1. First, input "Control Panel" in the search box on the taskbar and open it.

Step 2. Choose "Programs" > "Programs and Features."

Step 3. Right-click the app you plan to delete and select the "Uninstall" option.

control panel uninstall the app

If you want to uninstall programs in the Windows server, you can explore and learn valid methods in the related article below:

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Too many apps and programs will occupy space and slow down the computer in Windows Server. This post will provide multiple ways to help you fix it.

Way 4. Remove Apps in the Start Menu

If you are clear about all the apps you want to remove, you can search and uninstall them in the start menu. Below is what you should do:

Step 1. Click the Windows Start icon, and type the app's name in the search box when the new window opens.

launch start menu

Step 2. Right-click to locate the app and choose "Uninstall."

click uninstall

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Way 5. Run CMD

Sometimes, you may find that you cannot uninstall the apps for various reasons, including corrupted installation files. In this case, you can turn to Command Prompt, which can force you to delete unnecessary apps:

Step 1. Type cmd in the research box and run Command Prompt as administrator.

Step 2. Input the three commands below and press "Enter" after each: 

  • wmic
  • product get name (This program will show all apps for you to choose)
  • product where name= # call uninstall (# replace the app name that you want to uninstall)

uninstall apps using CMD

Step 3. Write exit to close the CMD window.

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To sum up, this post covers five solid ways that can assist users in uninstalling apps on Windows 11. By following these tutorials, you can uninstall unnecessary apps, which will free up valuable disk space on your computer's storage and improve system performance. Among all the methods, EaseUS Todo PCTrans is your first choice for its thorough deletion and simple operations. 

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FAQs About How to Uninstall Apps on Windows 11

If you have more queries about how to uninstall apps on Windows 11, follow this FAQ section and find answers here:

1. Why am I unable to uninstall Apps in Windows 10?

There can be several reasons why you may be unable to remove a program in Windows 10. Here are a few possible causes:

  • Insufficient permissions
  • Corrupted installation files
  • Program running in the background
  • Malware or antivirus interference

2. How can I completely uninstall an app from Windows 10?

You can uninstall an app from the Windows 10 settings or the best software installer. Here is a detailed guide to using Windows Settings:

Click the "Start" icon> Locate "Settings" > Choose the "Apps" part > select "Apps & features." Then, find the app you want to remove and uninstall and select "More" > "Uninstall."

3. How do I force uninstall an app in Windows 10 using CMD?

You can run CMD to force uninstall an app when it is unable to delete. Follow the step-by-step tutorial to do it:

Step 1. Launch Command Prompt as an administrator via writing cmd in the search box.

Step 2. Enter the following three commands and confirm by pressing "Enter" after each:

  • wmic
  • product get name
  • product where name= # call uninstall (# replace the app name that you want to uninstall)

Step 3. Type exit to close the CMD window.

Beyond using CMD, you can also turn to EaseUS Todo PCTrans. How do you use it to uninstall an App in Windows 11? Here is how to uninstall Roblox on Windows PC/Mac:

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How to Uninstall Apps on Windows 11 [Ultimate Guide]🔥

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