3 Tips to Uninstall Programs in Windows Server [2024 New]

As Windows Server gets older, a lot of programs get loaded on it. It cannot just occupy space but can also slow down the PC if too many apps are running in the background. In this post, we are looking at multiple ways to remove programs from the server, including a third-party app that can clean uninstall applications that are not easy to get rid of.

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Method 1. Go to Control Panel and Uninstall Program in Server Computer Step 1: Navigate to Start, type Control Panel...Full steps
Method 2. Use Uninstaller to Remove Programs Step 1. Choose App Management, Click "Start"...Full steps
Method 3. Use Registry to Uninstall Programs Step 1: Launch the Windows Registry by going to Start > Run...Full steps

Windows Server has been around for quite a while, and it is an excellent OS when you need to host applications, manage computers, and so on. What makes the Windows Server more viable are the several kinds of programs that we can install on it to use. However, it is crucial to be aware of how to uninstall a program as well. Programs can take up a lot of space that might be inconvenient for you if those programs are no longer helpful to you. In this article, we'll be looking at some of the ways you can uninstall a program from your Windows server efficiently and safely.

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Method 1. Go to Control Panel and Uninstall Program in Server Computer

Uninstall Program in Server Computer

The Control panel, as the name suggests, is the feature that gives you vast control over many things in your computer and Windows Server. You can use it to make specific changes to the Windows server as per needs and choice. In this section, we'll look at the steps you can follow to uninstall a program on a Windows server using the Control panel.

Listed below are the steps that you need to follow to uninstall any program installed on your Windows Server:

Step 1: Navigate to Start, type Control Panel, and press the Enter key. Locate Programs and Features, and click on it.

Step 2: Look for the program you wish to uninstall from your Windows server. Right-click on the desired program, and click on Uninstall. On the pop-up box that appears asking you to allow the uninstall to initiate, click on Yes.

Step 3: The wizard will remove all the files, and registry entries as instructed in the uninstall scripts. For some of the applications, you will need to restart the server.

That's all you need to do to uninstall a program and remove all of its components from the Windows server using the Control panel. This is the most viable way of uninstalling a program for most Windows server users and is super quick to execute. Let's now look at the other ways you can uninstall a program on a Windows server.

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Method 2. Use Uninstaller to Remove Programs

Uninstall Program using PCTrans

Uninstalling a program from a Windows Server has never been any easier. The EaseUS Todo PCTrans application is an app that lets you easily remove the entire program from your Windows server without any hassle and within seconds.

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All you need to do is navigate to 'App Management' in the application, click on 'Start', and select programs/apps you wish to uninstall. Click on 'Uninstall', and that's it. Pretty quick and simple right? The EaseUS Todo PCTrans application excels at all of them. It is a single application package that offers multiple functionalities and is a tool that every Windows Server should have.

Step 1. Choose App Management, Click "Start" to securely uninstall your apps and repair your damaged apps. 


Step 2. All of apps installed on your PC, choose the selected one you want to uninstall or repair. (If your uninstall process fails, you can click the small triangle icon and select "Delete".)

app management 2

Step 3. Click "Uninstall". (If you want to repair apps, click the icon right behind "Uninstall" and choose "Repair".)

app management 3

However, the EaseUS Todo PCTrans application is not limited to doing only that. It is an application designed for other tasks as well. Here is the list:

  • PC to PC - Transfer files, applications, settings from one PC to another PC.
  • Backup & Restore - backup data and restore to a local device or another one.
  • App Migration - Migrate the installed applications between drives.
  • Data Rescue - Export data from local PC if the device failed to run properly.
  • Product Key - Export and save the serial numbers to avoid system or application crashes and reinstallation.

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Method 3. Use Registry to Uninstall Programs

Uninstall Using Registry Method

Windows Registry is primarily a database of information in the form of values and other options for both software and hardware of a system. It can be of great use because of the massive data it stores. All of it can be accessed and modified relatively easily.

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At first, using Windows Registry to execute tasks may seem tedious and complex. Still, Windows Registry is one of the most efficient ways to make changes to your Windows server, and it also has a tonne of other functions.

Let's now talk about how we can uninstall a program on a Windows server using the Windows Registry. Here are the steps that you can follow to use Windows Registry for uninstalling any program on your Windows server:

Step 1: Launch the Windows Registry by going to Start > Run, type regedit, and click on the OK button.

Step 2: In Windows Registry, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall.

Step 3: Look on the left side. The uninstall key should be expanded, and under it should be a list of items that include installed programs. Right-click on the desired item/program and select Delete. Click on Yes to confirm. Repeat the steps above to uninstall other unneeded programs on your Windows server.

Using Registry may seem time taking, but it is remarkably efficient and safe.  However, ensure you always take a backup.

Using Registry and Control panel may be enough for something as simple as uninstalling a program from a Windows server. Still, there is a way of doing it to enjoy many other valuable features that can significantly help you.


The EaseUS Todo PCTrans is easily one of the best ways to uninstall a program from a Windows server because of how fast and efficient it is. It also offers a tonne of other features that save us a lot of time. The EaseUS Todo PCTrans application is safe, and you won't be disappointed. To know better about this software and its function, you can click the buttons below:

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3 Tips to Uninstall Programs in Windows Server [2024 New]

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