Can I Transfer Windows 10 From HDD to SSD on the Same Motherboard

I currently have a 1TB HDD and ordered a 240 GB SSD. I'd like to move my existing Windows installation from my HDD to the SSD. I have an extra SATA, so I want the SSD to be my primary storage unit with Windows 10 and the HDD for having the likes of general files, photos, and other games that are more indie/don't require a lot of computing power. Thank you.

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Roxanne· Answered on Apr 18, 2024

To recap, you have ordered an SSD and want to seamlessly transfer your Windows 10 installation to the new SSD. Move your OS to an SSD is a wise move since there are many advantages to migrating your Windows system from HDD to SSD: 

  • Migrating Windows 10 to SSD for a faster boot speed.
  • Transfer OS to SSD can free up the insufficient space of HDD.
  • Increase the performance of Windows and game loading speed.

Attention: If the used space on C drive surpass the total capacity of SSD, backup the big valuable data from the C drive to another free partition on your HDD. Then, delete some junk files and uninstall the useless programs so as to ensure the used space in system C drive is equal to or smaller than SSD storage space, which will gurantee you a smooth OS migration procedure by moving Windows 10 to SSD.

To transfer Windows 10 quickly and significantly, you can seek the help of EaseUS Partition Master. Its powerful OS migration tool allows you to solve any scenario of migrating an operating system. This professional software also simplified the migration process without losing data.

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Try to use EaseUS Partition Master to migrate Operating System in four easy steps:

Step 1. Find the "Disk Clone" option from the panel in EaseUS Partition Master. 

Step 2. Check the "Migrate OS" option to lock the source and target disk, then click "Next."

(Back up your disk in advance, and confirm if there is a warning that it will delete your partitions. Preview the target disk's layout, and you can also customize it.)

Step 3. Click "Start" to transfer Windows 10 to the new SSD.

In addition to migrating Windows to SSD, connecting the SSD to your computer and setting it as your boot drive is also crucial. So let's learn how to do so:

Further Reading: How to Set SSD as Boot Drive

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