How to Remove Mystery Partitions After Upgrading to Windows 10

On my 256GB hard disk, a mystery partition seems to be doing nothing. Under computer management, I see two sizable partitions (as well as a third recovery partition). The disk designated as 'Data' has 127GB, whereas the one designated as 'C:' has 93 GB. However, nothing seems to be done with the 'Data' disk, and Windows Explorer remains empty even with hidden files visible. What is it, and can I delete this mysterious reserved partition?

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Roxanne· Answered on May 14, 2024

This mystery partition could be a Microsoft Reserved Partition(MRP) or EFI system partition created after converting MBR to GPT. On every disk drive, MSR doesn't have a partition ID or data, and it sets aside space for later usage by operating system software. Hidden sectors are prohibited on GPT drives. Component-specific partitions are now allocated a portion of the MSR by software components that previously used hidden sectors. 

You can remove this mystery reserved partition after creating a backup for your system disk. For data security and Microsoft restrictions, I recommend using the free and professional EaseUS Partition Master tool. This partition management software can delete, extend, and shrink hard drive partitions safely and easily:

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Step 1: After launching EaseUS Partition Master, select the recovery partition from the "Partition Manager" page.

Step 2: From the feature list, choose "Delete".

Step 3: To begin the deletion, click "Execute xx Task" > "Apply" after selecting "Yes" to acknowledge the warning.

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