Has Someone Used Reliable Windows 10 Software That Can Extend the System Partition to Unallocated Space?

Has someone reliable Windows 10 software that can extend the system partition to unallocated space? Can you give me some recommendations? And I need instructions on how to use it.

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Roxanne· Answered on Aug 09, 2023

Before taking action to extend the system partition, you need to ensure where your unallocated space is. In other words, is your unallocated space adjacent to the system partition? The Windows built-in tool can only help you extend the system partition when you have enough adjacent unallocated space.

In this post, I will introduce professional and reliable partition manager software that can empower you to extend partitions with non-adjacent unallocated space - EaseUS Partition Master, which has wide compatibility since it's available for all Windows systems. This tool can offer multiple effective solutions to meet our requirements. Download this software and learn how to fix it with or without unallocated space.

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Situation 1. With Unallocated Space

If unallocated space is behind your system partition, you can try EaseUS Partition Master's "Resize/Move" feature.

Step 1. Right-click on the System C: drive and select "Resize/Move."

Step 2. Drag the system partition end into the unallocated space to add more space. Click "OK". 

Step 3. Click "Execute 1 Task" and "Apply" to extend the system partition.

Situation 2. Without Unallocated Space

Don't worry if you haven't unallocated space. EaseUS Partition Master can cover you with its helpful "Allocate Space" tool:

Step 1. Right-click on the partition with enough free space and choose "Allocate Space."

Step 2. Select the target system partition and drag the partition end rightward to add the free space from another partition to the system partition. Then click "OK" to ensure.

Step 3. Click "Execute Task" > "Apply" to start the process of allocating.

You can find more applicable methods in the following link:

More information: How to Extend System Partition in Windows 11/10

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