Is It Possible to Transfer Files Over WiFi?

I want to transfer data between PC and laptop over WiFi. What is the easiest way to transfer data via WiFi? I have a WiFi router, a Windows XP SP3 PC, and a Windows 7 Laptop.

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Roxanne· Answered on Jan 31, 2024

Yes, it is possible to transfer files over WiFi. This way eliminates the need for physical cables or external hard drives, empowering you to share files between computers in the same network effortlessly. To address this task, you will need a reliable and effective tool. EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional is your go-to solution. It can simplify the time-consuming and frustrating data transfer process and allow users to transfer files wirelessly. With it, you will complete the file transfer process over WiFi at a fast speed.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Refer to the comprehensive steps below to use EaseUS Todo PCTrans:

Step 1. Install EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both of your laptops. Open the "PC to PC" tab.

Step 2. Confirm the transfer direction.

  • "New" - data source computer.
  • "Old" - computer that receives the file.

Step 3. Make sure two PCs are using the same WiFi. Then, connect them by entering the computer name or verification code of the target PC and clicking "Connect" to begin. (You will find the verification code in the top corner.)

Step 4. Then, select "Files" to locate files to transfer. You can hit the Edit icon to customize the destination storage path for the data.

Step 5. Now, choose "Transfer" to transfer files over WiFi between two PCs. 

Beyond this powerful software, you can turn to the following post to learn more workable methods:

🔍More Information: How to Transfer Files from PC to PC over WiFi [Easy & Fast]

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