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How to Disable Write Protection on Kingston DT50 [Full Guide]

Don't worry if you plug in your Kingstone DT50 and find it write-protected. This comprehensive guide will delve into how to disable write protection on Kingston DT50 and provide four reliable ways.

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Updated by Roxanne on Jan 24, 2024

Are you having the "disk is write-protected" issue when you try to modify or save any data on your Kingston DT50 USB drive? Below is a real case from a technology forum:

Hello, I have a problem with my USB flash drive. It is a DT50 from Kingston 32 GB, and it's stuck on write protection. I tried everything. I also followed the regedit thing, the disk 1 with the attributes and most of the repair/format programs. So far, nothing has worked! Please help! - from CCM.

If the answer is Yes, you are coming to the right place. In this article, EaseUS will provide four solid methods to help you remove the write protection and regain full control over your USB drive's read and write capabilities. Furthermore, we will also explain why the write protection and the read-only issues happen so that you can avoid them next time. 

How to Disable Write Protection on Kingston DT50 - 4 Ways

You will find a lock switch on either side of most USB flash drives, which is used to turn on or off the write protection. To disable the read-only status of the USB, you can toggle the physical switch to "OFF." However, Kingston DT50 has no write protection lock switch, so we rounded up some other effective ways. Here is the overview of all the solutions that can be applied to disable the write protection on the Kingston DT50:

  1. Fix 1. Use the Write Protection Removal Tool
  2. Fix 2. Run Command Lines
  3. Fix 3. Perform Anti-virus Software
  4. Fix 4. Use Registry Editor

Note: In case something goes wrong during this process, make a backup of your files before taking any action.

Please share this guideline on social media if you find the mentioned solutions successfully disable the write protection on your Kingston DT50:


Way 1. Use the Write Protection Removal Tool

EaseUS Partition Master will remove the write protection on your Kingston DT50 USB and give you a fresh start. With the help of its free "Write Protection" tool, you can disable the write protection on all external storage devices with ease. In addition, this software also provides reliable technical support to assist users in maintaining the excellent performance of their hard drives.

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Follow the simple tutorial to remove the write protection on your Kingston DT50 USB:

Step 1. Download and install EaseUS Partition Master, go to the Toolkit section, and click "Write Protection".

Click Remove write protection

Step 2. Select your write protected USB, USB external disk or SD card, and click "Disable".

Click Remove write protection

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Way 2. Run Command Lines

If your hard drive is write-protected or read-only, you can run Diskpart command lines to clear the read-only state and make it writable again. Be careful when you follow these commands since any incorrect moderation may harm your drive or the data on it:

Step 1. Connect your Kinston DT50 USB to the computer first.

Step 2. Press the "Windows + R" keys, input cmd in the Run box, and hit "OK."

Step 3. Write diskpart and hit "Enter" to open the program.

Step 4. Type the following commands and tap "Enter" after each:

  • list disk
  • select disk $ ($ is the USB flash drive number of your write-protected Kingston DT50.)
  • attributes disk clear readonly
  • exit(To close the Diskpart utility.)

clear read-only state

After all is done, reconnect your Kingston DT50 USB to the computer and check if it's writable now. For your information, we have prepared some extended reading articles as follows:

Way 3. Perform Anti-virus Software

If some unknown viruses or malware attacks your USB flash drive, it may trigger the write protection that aims to protect your data. Therefore, you can download some efficient anti-virus software to repair the USB and disable write protection.

Here are the quick steps:

Step 1. Download and install anti-virus software from the official site on your computer.

Step 2. Plug the write-protected USB into your computer.

Step 3. Run anti-virus software to scan the USB and eliminate the virus.

Way 4. Use Registry Editor

Registry Editor is an advanced program that can fix write-protected and read-only errors on the USB, SD card, or internal/external hard drive. However, the complexity increases if you remove write protection using Registry Editor. If you are not sure what you are doing, you can retort to the easy-to-use software EaseUS Partition Master.

Connect your write-protected USB with the computer and refer to the guide below:

Step 1. By hitting "Windows + R" and entering regedit into the Run box, you may access the Registry Editor.

open registry editor

Step 2. Type and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies.

go to the file

Step 3. Change the DWORD value to 0 and check Storage Device Policies. Next, select OK.

change the value to 0

At the end, close the Registry Editor and reboot your computer to see if you successfully turn off the write protection on the Kingston DT50 USB.

Why Is My Kingston DT50 Write Protected

The write protection security feature on a USB flash drive is usually used to protect the data stored on the drive from being accidentally deleted or modified. Here are the main reasons why Kingston DT50 became write-protected:

Physical write-protection switch: Some USB drives have a physical switch that can be toggled to enable or disable write protection. If this switch is in the locked position, the drive will be write-protected.

Malware or virus infection: Many malicious software or viruses can enable write protection on a USB drive to prevent users from losing data.

File system errors: Errors in the file system of the USB drive can cause it to become write-protected. This can happen due to improper ejection, sudden power loss, or software bugs.

Registry policy settings: In some cases, write protection can be enabled or disabled through changes in the Windows Registry Editor, which can be done intentionally by the normal user or administrators to restrict write access to USB drives.


This beginner's guideline analyzes why Kingston DT50 became write-protected in-depth, and it also offers four practical solutions to help users cope with this problem. Among these methods, EaseUS Partition Master stands out as it can help users seamlessly disable the write protection on their hard disks, USB flash drives, SD cards, and so on. Furthermore, it has beginner-friendly operations and other fantastic features. Thus, we highly recommend you download this tool for better solutions:

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FAQs About How to Disable Write Protection on Kingston DT50

If you expect more related questions about disabling write protection on Kingston DT50, you can walk through this FAQ section and find what you need.

1. What should I do to remove write protection from my SSD?

Many different reasons can cause the write protection on SSD. Thus, you need a versatile utility that can help you remove it. EaseUS Partition Master can solve your problem perfectly as follows:

Step 1. Download and install EaseUS Partition Master, go to the Toolkit section, and click "Write Protection."

Step 2. Select your write-protected USB, USB external disk, or SD card, and click "Disable."

2. How do I unlock a read-only USB flash drive?

Most USB flash drives have a physical switch that can enable or disable the write protection. Thus, the easiest way is to slide the switch to the offside. Then, you can reconnect the USB to your PC and see if the data on it is writable.

3. Can I format a write-protected USB?

You can still format a write-protected USB and erase its data. Here is a tutorial on how to format a write-protected USB flash drive:

Step1. Open File Explorer and right-click This PC.

Step 2. Locate your write-protected USB drive and right-click on it.

Step 3. From the menu, select Format. Wait for the process to be completed.

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