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[100% Working] Increase C Drive in Windows 10/8/7 without Formatting

Updated on Jun 25, 2019 by Tracy King to Partition Manager

When the C drive is out of space, most people have to delete an adjacent partition next to C drive and use Disk Management to extend C drive. This will somehow cause data loss when you forget to back up useful files. EaseUS Partition Master supports to increase C drive without formatting or delete a hard drive partition in Windows 10/8/7 and it's available for you to download and try now.

Can I increase the C drive space without formatting/deleting partition?

"Does anyone know how to increase a partition in Windows 10 without deleting or formatting a second drive/partition?
I have 150GB allotted to my C drive, but now it's almost full. If I can add more space to it, things will be perfect. But my problem is that I don't have free space on my computer anymore. All space has been divided into partitions. 

So I want to know whether I can still extend the C drive partition without deleting or formatting the second partition or not? I have saved files and data on all the partitions on my computer. How can I move those unused free space from my drive D:, E: or even F: to my C: drive without deleting or formatting them?"

According to Windows forum and the Google searching result, it seems that quite a lot of users are feeling reluctant to format or delete their second or third partition to free up space for extending system C drive. 
So if there is a way to help to extend C drive without formatting or deleting in Windows 10/8/7, things will be perfect. Here in the below, we'll show you how to increase and extend C drive in Windows 10/8/7 without formatting.

Increase C Drive in Windows 10/8/7 without Formatting/Deleting

# 1. Download Partition Manager Software for Help

Disk Management and CMD command line all require to format and delete partition so to add space to the system C drive. If this is not what you want, don't worry. Professional partition manager software - EaseUS Partition Master will help.
It allows you to effortlessly extend C drive without deleting or formatting other partitions. You can even apply it to extend system reserved partition for Windows 10 update or fix other more partition problems. Just download this software, install it and apply it with guidelines below to start extending your C drive now:

Download Now

 Windows 10 is supported

# 2. Extend, Increase C drive in Windows 10/8/7 without Formatting/Deleting Partition


Step 1: Launch EaseUS Partition Master

Run EaseUS Partition Master

Step 2: Increase C drive space

1. Shrink partition to free up unallocated space:

Right-click on a partition next to the C: drive and select "Resize/Move".
Drag either end of the partition to shrink and leave unallocated space behind the system C: drive and click "OK".

2. Right-click on C: drive and select "Resize/Move".

Extend System partition

3. Drag the system partition end into unallocated space so to add space to C: drive.

Add space to C drive

Step 3: Keep all changes to extend C: drive

Click the "Execute Operation" and click "Apply" to keep all changes so to extend the system C: drive.

Confirm to extend system C drive

After this, you can reboot your computer to keep all changes on your Windows 10, 8 or 7 PC. Now that, you've successfully increased C drive and gotten more free space added to your system drive.