How Do I Uninstall Temu App From My Computer

Here is the basic information of my desktop: Windows 11 Home. 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor. I accidentally installed Temu, and I heard it's dangerous. I have tried AD/Remove programs, but they do not work. How can I remove this App?

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Roxanne· Answered on Mar 25, 2024

 Temu is a third-party online marketplace operated by the Chinese e-commerce company PDD Holdings. However, it often comes bundled with other programs and can cause unwanted pop-up ads, browser redirects, and other annoying behaviors. In addition, this software is difficult to uninstall fully.

Don't worry. EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free will come to your rescue. This versatile tool can help users remove unwanted Apps and their related files without wasting time. Follow the easy instructions to uninstall Temu from your computer permanently:

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans, turn to the App Management tab, and Click "Start." 

Step 2. It will present all the installed programs on your PC and locate Temu.

Step 3. Hit "Uninstall". to securely remove this App. (If you want to repair it, click the icon behind "Uninstall" and choose "Repair.")

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