Can't Extend the C Partition After Resetting, Help

I reset my operating system in the C drive because it wouldn't boot. Then, I decided to expand my C: partition, but when I did so, it didn't indicate that I had any free space. I tried shrinking the C partition again, but I failed. Then how do I correct this?

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Roxanne· Answered on Sep 08, 2023

You can't extend the C drive because Windows has very limited partition management features. For example, you can only extend a partition when unallocated space is behind it. If the recovery partition stands between your C drive and the unallocated space, you will fail to expand the C drive.

In such a scenario, you must extend your C drive using a 3rd arty utility. EaseUS Partition Master is my top recommendation, as it can extend your C drive without contiguous unallocated space. Furthermore, it has an "Allocate Space" tool, which enables you to allocate free space from another partition on the hard drive.

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Fix 1. Extend the C drive with "Resize/Move"

Step 1. Locate the C drive and right-click it to use the "Resize/Move" function.

Step 2. Extend the C drive

If there is no unallocated space, shrink the other volume to make enough unallocated space. Drag one of the C drive's ends and extend it into unallocated space. Click "OK" to confirm the action. 

Step 3. Click "Execute 1 Task(s)" and then press "Apply" to keep the changes.

Fix 2. Allocate Space

You can allocate the free space from any partition with a lot of free space in the hard drive. Refer to the quick steps below:

Full Guide: Why I Can't Extend the C Drive

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