Does Partitioning a Hard Drive Increased the Performance of Your Computer?

I'm about to purchase a 4 TB HDD, and because it has so much space, I'm unsure if I should split it. Will doing this have an impact on how well my computer performs? Will it become slower if I keep everything on one drive until I've used up roughly 3.9 TB of space?

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Roxanne· Answered on May 16, 2024

Partitioning a hard drive cannot directly affect the performance of your computer, but it will enhance the experience of using your hard drive. The following section will briefly introduce two aspects of how disk partitions can improve our computer's performance:

  • Short the seek time of a hard drive.

The drive will take longer to physically move the head to the right spot and wait for the data to arrive at the head while accessing multiple little files than transferring the data. Disk partitions can make data, and files become easier to locate.

  • Make better use of the hard drive space.

You can create several partitions to categorize and store your files, which is better organized and safe. For example, if you want to make two partitions, one for the Windows system and one for personal data.

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How to Partition a Hard Drive Reasonably

According to my experience, making at least three partitions on your hard drive is recommended. Thus, you can install your OS on the system partition, have your files on the second partition, and store your photos/videos/games on the last partition. In addition, you can retort to EaseUS Partition Master, which can easily cover all your needs in disk partitioning, especially for beginners that partition a hard drive for the first time.

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Below is how-to-do guide of partitioning a new hard drive:

Step 1. Enter the "Partition Manager" on the main screen, and you will see a New Disk Guide window. Click "Partition this disk."

Step 2. Set the new partition's number and style before creating. (This software also provides default settings for you to choose from.)

Step 3. Tap "Execute 1 Task" and click "Apply" to apply the operation.

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