What to Do If I Forgot Windows 7 Administrator Password

I forgot the Windows 7 Home Premium admin password, and I am the only user. I can't back up my stuff without a password so that I can subsequently move everything to a fresh copy of Windows 10. I don't have a USB flash drive with a password reset or an install DVD for Windows 7. I'm at a loss on what to do without the admin password or reset CD. Save me, or I will lose everything.

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Roxanne· Answered on Apr 18, 2024

Forgetting your Windows 7 administrator password can be a frustrating and inconvenient situation. Whether you've recently changed your password or simply drawn a blank, being locked out of your computer can disrupt your work or personal life.

Fortunately, EaseUS Partition Master Professional will get you covered by applying its "Password Reset" feature, which can bypass the Windows password and access your locked-out computer.

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Step 1. Download and run EaseUS Partition Master, and insert the USB flash drive into a working computer. Next, select "Toolkit" > "Password Reset."

Step 2. Select the "Create" option when a window pops up.

Step 3. Choose the appropriate USB and press "Create" once more. Once the password-reset USB has been made, patiently wait and select "Finish."

Step 4. After starting the computer, insert the USB password reset and lock it. To boot the computer from a USB, it will instruct you to switch the boot drive. The system will then start up automatically using the USB password reset.

Step 5. Look for EaseUS Partition Master in the WinPE interface, then select "Password Reset." Locate the intended Windows account, then select "Reset & Unlock."

Step 6. When this prompt appears, click "Confirm."

After the operation, you can freely access your Windows 7 computer without entering any password.

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