How to Transfer Windows 11 License to Another PC

Do you want to transfer your Windows 11 license to a new computer? Go through this article to learn and implement the best step-by-step method without technical knowledge.

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To build a high-end PC from scratch, you must manually buy or activate the Windows license. If you don't want to use the Windows license on the older PC, you can transfer the license from the older PC to save money. After deactivating the product key, users can activate their new device with the same license. EaseUS will introduce the best methods to transfer a Windows 11 license to a new PC.

Before performing the transfer process, you must ensure you have the Retail license, as you cannot migrate the OEM license. Read this article until the end to learn how to perform this license migration task without hassle.  

How do I transfer a Windows 11 license to another PC?

As mentioned, you can manually transfer the product key from your old PC to a newer one for Windows activation. However, there is a way to automatically transfer the license with a few clicks using third-party tools. This section will help you understand the workings of both methods to boost your technical knowledge.

Way 1. Manual Way to Transfer Windows 11 License

Users having the technical knowledge to implement a complex procedure to transfer a Windows 11 license to a new computer can proceed to read this section. With this manual method, you can migrate the Digital License from one PC to another. Take guidance from the instructions explained below to carry out this process successfully:

Step 1. Verify the License Type of Your Windows 11

As we know, we cannot transfer an OEM license to another computer due to some restrictions. Therefore, we need to check the license type before progressing with the Windows migration process.

  • Start this license verification process by pressing the "Win + R" keys to enter the "Run" window. Now, type "cmd" in the "Open" text box to proceed with the process. Finally, tap the "Shift + Enter" keys to launch this application as an administrator successfully.


  • Afterward, type the "slmgr.vbs /dli" command and press the "Enter" key to access the "Windows Script Host" dialog box. Before finishing this verification process, you need to search for the "Retail" channel here.


Step 2. Find Your Windows 11 Product Key

Once verifying your license type, again access the "Command Prompt" application using the abovementioned steps. Now, paste the following command before pressing the "Enter" key to access the product key on your screen.

"wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey"


Step 3. Deactivate the License from Your Older PC

Before transferring the Windows 11 license to a new computer, we will deactivate the product key from the older PC. Access Command Prompt with administrative control on your PC to carry out this operation. Moving forward, execute the following command to deactivate the license from this older device:

"slmgr /upk"


In addition, you can wipe out the product key from the registry by entering the following command and hitting the "Enter" key.

"slmgr /cpky"


Step 4. Activate Windows 11 in Your New Device

Once you have deactivated the license from the old computer, access your new device for Windows activation. Press the "Windows" icon on your newly built PC and search for "cmd" to access the Command Prompt. Now, hit the "Run as Administrator" button to launch this system app and carry out the license activation operation.


Within this application, type the "slmgr.vbs /ipk (Product Key)" command and press the "Enter" key on your keyboard to execute this prompt. Here, type the 25-character product key you extracted from your older PC to activate the license on the new one.


Upon execution, you will receive the confirmation message when the system accepts the entered product key. Moving forward, you can finalize the transfer of the Windows 11 license to a new computer by pasting the command given below and hitting the "Enter" key.

"slmgr /ato"


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Bonus Tip. Transfer Windows 11 License Using EaseUS Todo PCTrans

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional allows you to transfer accounts and licenses from one PC to another. After performing this process, you will feel like you are using the familiar operating system on your new device.

Using this tool, users also get the option to restore programs and keys, even from dead computers, to make the old license reusable. Moreover, this tool allows you to transfer Windows 11 to a new SSD when upgrading your system.

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Follow the steps below to transfer a Windows 11 license to another computer using the product key and account migration features:

Step 1. Launch and run EaseUS Todo PCTrans on the PC, and choose "Product Key" on the left panel.

Open Product Key feature

Step 2. Click "Scan", and you can see the product key of Windows, Adobe, and Office. Save the key to the selected location or choose "Copy" for direct use.

product key 2

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Considering all these features and benefits, you should get this PC transfer tool to optimize the license migration process.

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In conclusion, activating Windows on your new device becomes much easier when you have the technical skills to implement the methods explained here. Anyone with the general know-how of Command Prompt can execute the license activation task. However, people without such skills can also transfer the Windows 11 license to a new PC with third-party tools.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans proves to be the quickest solution for users who want a one-click solution for license activation. Moreover, this tool allows you to transfer account and product keys to another PC to give you the feel of using the familiar operating system. All in all, you can transfer your whole computer to another device or external disk with the assistance of this tool.

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FAQs About Transferring Windows 11 License to Another PC

After reading this article, you have learned how to migrate Windows from one device to another. However, you can read the answers below if you have any questions about implementing these methods.

1. Can I transfer a Windows license between two computers?

Yes, users can migrate their license to another PC using Command Prompt or Windows settings. However, these methods require some technical skills to implement properly. Beginners can try out third-party tools such as EaseUS Todo PCTrans to transfer the product key and account for license transfer.

2. How do I transfer the Windows 10/11 license to a new SSD?

With the assistance from the steps explained below, you can easily migrate your license to a new SSD:

1. Upon launching Windows Media Creation, select a USB flash drive as the media to use for migration. Remove the old disk from the system and replace it with the new SSD.

2. Moving forward, insert the USB into the system and press F12 while restarting the system to enter BIOS settings. Now, set this inserted USB as the Boot drive to install Windows on your PC.

3. How do I move to a Windows digital license?

To successfully migrate your Digital License to a new device, follow the instructions explained below:

1. Start the process by installing Windows on the new computer using any method you want. From now on, you must choose "I don't have a product key" when prompted to enter this key for license activation.

2. After completing the installation, sign into your Microsoft account and pick "Digital License" when asked to choose a license type. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to deactivate the current installation and activate Windows 10 on the new computer.

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How to Transfer Windows 11 License to Another PC

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