Does Anyone Know How to Reset a Windows Vista Password

I have an old Toshiba drive running Windows Vista, and I'm looking for old pictures. This machine is probably at least ten years old, so I don't remember my password. When I click reset password during the login process, it simply says, 'Please connect a USB flash drive or insert a floppy disk to try again.' What should I do?

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Roxanne· Answered on Apr 25, 2024

Resetting a Windows Vista password can be crucial if you have forgotten your login credentials and cannot access your computer. Don't worry. I will offer some effective ways to reset a Windows Vista password:

Way 1. Windows Password Reset Tool

EaseUS Partition Master Professional provides a Password Reset feature that can help Windows users bypass and remove the Windows Vista password when locked out from their computers:

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Download this safe tool on a healthy computer, prepare a USB stick, and follow the instructions:

Step 1: Insert the target USB disk into the computer, launch EaseUS Partition Master after downloading it, and select "Toolkit" > "Password Reset."

Step 2: A little window will open. Click "Create" after thoroughly reading it.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate external mobile hard drive or USB flash drive and hit "Create" once more. Hold out calmly. After creating the USB flash device with a password reset, select "Finish."

Step 4: Remove the password reset USB, put it inside the secured computer, and turn it on again. You will be prompted to replace the boot drive to boot the PC via USB. The system will boot from the USB automatically after it's finished.

Step 5: After starting it up again, locate EaseUS Partition Master and select "Password Reset." The screen will show all the accounts on the computer; choose the desired account and select "Reset & Unlock."

Step 6: Click "Confirm" to proceed when you see this prompt. We're going to delete your password.

Way 2. Reset Windows Vista Password via Safe Mode

Another method to reset a Windows Vista password is by using Safe Mode. Here's how to do it:

Step 1. Restart your computer and press the F8 key repeatedly before the Windows Vista logo appears.

Step 2. Select "Safe Mode" from the boot menu.

Step 3. Once logged into Safe Mode, go to the Control Panel and click "User Accounts."

Step 4. Select the user account you want to reset the password and click "Change the password."

Step 5. Follow the instructions to reset the password.

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