I Forgot the Windows Password and How Can I Find My Windows Password

I recently got my old laptop. I cannot open the login screen since I forgot the Windows account. How can I bypass the login screen and access the desktop?

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Roxanne· Answered on Nov 08, 2023

When you forget the Windows password of the laptop, the simplest way is to create a password reset USB. I understand most users are unfamiliar with this operation. Thus, I recommend EaseUS Partition Master Professional, which enables you to bypass the Windows login screen without the password.

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Check the step-by-step guide here:


  • Prepare an external hard drive - USB/SSD/HDD.
  • Install and launch EaseUS Partition Master on another healthy computer.

Step 1. Connect the USB to the healthy computer and click "Toolkit" > "Password Reset" > "Create."

Step 2. Click "Create" again after selecting the USB as the destination. When the USB flash disk with a password reset has been produced, click "Finish."

Step 3. Unplug the USB and insert it into the computer you forgot the login password. Restart the computer and set the USB as a boot device in BIOS settings.

Step 4. Once you enter the WinPE environment, locate EaseUS Partition Master and select "Password Reset." The screen will show all the accounts on the computer; choose the desired account and select "Reset & Unlock."

Step 5. Click "Confirm" when a message pops up, then your Windows login password will be removed.

Windows built-in tools, Disk Management/Diskpart, can also create the password reset USB, but they all require the current password. Therefore, you can use them as a precaution. This page below contains the detailed tutorials:

💡Extended Information: 3 Effective Ways to Create Bootable USB Password Reset Tool


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