Why Can't Play PS5 Games From an External Hard Drive?

My PS5 storage space uses up quickly, and I wonder if I can add an external hard drive like SSD or USB to my PS5 console. But, after some research, I found that I can't move games to the external hard drive. Why can't I put PS5 games on an external hard drive?

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Roxanne· Answered on Oct 24, 2023

PS5 is equipped with the fastest internal hard drive, and most external hard drives cannot meet such transfer speeds. Therefore, it is recommended to load and play games from the internal hard drive. However, you can use an external hard drive to save game data and files, as well as other media such as music and videos.

The Advantages of External Hard Drive for PS5

I round up some top advantages of putting an external hard drive on your PS5:

  • Larger Storage Capacity: External hard drives offer additional storage capacity for your PS5.
  • Faster Loading Times: Many external hard drives can offer decent speeds, which shorten the loading time for players.
  • Enhanced Organization: With an external hard drive, you can categorize your games, media files, and backups separately, making it easier to locate and access them when needed.

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Then, let's learn how to install and format an external hard drive for PS5 in the next part.

How to Install and Format an External Hard Drive For PS5

It's a complicated and professional process, and you need an all-featured tool to offer help. EaseUS Partition Master has many powerful features, including cleaning junk files, formatting drives, and managing partitions. Download this software and refer to the instructions below:

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Step 1. Follow the guide below to install a new SSD on PS5:

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Step 2: Follow the guide below to format the SSD:

  • To format a partition on an external hard drive, open EaseUS Partition Master and select the "Format" option from the context menu.
  • Give the chosen partition a new partition label, file system (FAT32/exFAT), and cluster size before clicking "OK."
  • Confirm the warning message by clicking "Yes."
  • To start formatting your external hard disk, click "Execute 1 Task(s)" and "Apply."

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