I Need Help: How to View the User Password in Windows 10

I've been looking everywhere for my saved passwords on my Windows 10 PC. My PC seems to have a problem accepting my new passwords after I change them. How to view the user password in Windows 10? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Roxanne· Answered on Dec 26, 2023

Usually, users need to view the user password in Windows 10 because they forgot the Windows 10 password and cannot unlock the computer. Although you can check the password via Windows User Account, this utility must enter the admin password to show the full password. Don't worry. This guide explores a solution tailored to this situation with a powerful tool. Continue to follow the guide below:

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To regain access to your computer when you forget the Windows 10 password, you can run EaseUS Partition Master Professional. This trusted software can shorten the operation of finding a password by simply removing the Windows 10 password with its "Password Reset" function.

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Refer to the details here to proceed with this operation:

Notice: A new or clean USB and a healthy computer is necessary.

Step 1. Insert the target USB into a running computer, download and start EaseUS Partition Master, and open "Toolkit" > "Password Reset."

Step 2. Read the warning message and click "Create." Select the USB as the destination. Wait till the bootable media is created and click "Finish."

Step 3. Connect the USB to your locked PC, and then you will be guided to set the USB as the boot disk.

Step 4. Restart and navigate to the "Password Reset" of EaseUS Partition Master. Click the Windows account and check "Reset & Unlock."

Step 5. Select "Confirm" When you receive a prompt. Your Windows password will be erased.

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