Can I Login Into Windows XP Without Password?

Can you access a Windows XP computer after you've forgotten your login password? How to do that? Sincerely thanks in advance for your help.

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Roxanne· Answered on Nov 14, 2023

There are various fixes you can use to solve this problem. However, most require deleting or erasing data, such as Windows XP reinstallation and factory Windows XP computer. Let's get straight to solutions that can reset the Windows XP password without reinstallation and deletion.

Way 1. Passsword Reset Tool - EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Master Professional enables you to create a password reset bootable USB and log in to the Windows XP computer without a password. This software has a clear interface and beginner-friendly operations, which can simplify the procedure and save users time and energy.

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Important: Ensure you have a USB and another healthy computer.

Step 1. Preinstall EaseUS Partition Master on another healthy computer and plug the USB into it. Click "Toolkit" and "Password Reset." (A window will show up, confirm the message and click "Create.")

Step 2. Find the target USB and choose "Create" > "Finish." Connect the USB to the locked computer and boot it from the USB.

Step 3. Take out and insert the password reset USB into the locked computer. Restart the computer and set it to boot with the USB.

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Step 4. Enter the WinPE environment and go to EaseUS Partition Master, then choose "Password Reset." Locate the Windows XP login password account and choose "Reset & Unlock."

Step 5. Click "Confirm," and the Windows XP login password will be removed.

Way 2. Change the Microsoft Account Online

The second way is to go to Microsoft's official site and change your password:

Step 1. On the Microsoft Account login page, select "Forgot password." Use your linked phone number or the recovery email address you have set up to "Get Code" on the next screen.

Step 2. You can access the "Reset Your Password" window by entering the code after you've received it. Create a new password for yourself and use it to access your computer from here.

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