How Do I Remove Admin Password Windows 8

If I don't have the password, can I sign in to Windows 8/8.1 on the login screen? Is there any way I can disable it and remove the admin password? Can someone help me with this issue? Thanks in advance!

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Oliver· Answered on Apr 18, 2024

If you can still log into Windows 8 with another available administrator account, it's simple to remove the passwords of other user accounts. After logging into the admin account, you can follow the steps below to remove your Windows 8 password:

Step 1. Search for and open "Control Panel" from the search box beside the Start menu.

Step 2. Click "User Accounts and Family Safety."

Step 3. Click "User Accounts" > "Manage Another Account."

Step 4. Select the target user account and hit on the "Change a Password" link.

Step 5. Empty the password box and confirm it. Then, click "Change Password."

However, if you don't have another accessible admin account on that PC, you'll have to resort to a password removal tool to reset the Windows 8 password. One of the most powerful password reset tools is EaseUS Partition Master Professional.

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You can download this tool and use it to create a Windows password reset USB disk to unlock your Windows easily.

Step 1. Connect a USB drive to another available computer and launch EaseUS Partition Master.

Step 2. Go to "Toolkit" > "Password Reset" and hit "Create."

Step 3. Select your USB drive and create the password reset disk.

Step 4. Connect the USB disk to the locked Windows 8 computer and reboot it from your USB.

Step 5. Launch EaseUS Partition Master and go to "Password Reset."

Step 6. Select your locked admin account and hit "Reset & Unlock" to remove the admin password on Windows 8.

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