How Do I Delete Recovery Partition on Windows 8.1

Hello, the C drive on my ASUS laptop is running out of storage space, so I plan to get rid of the recovery partition, which is taking up 8GB on the drive. The problem is that the Command Prompt keeps telling me I'm not permitted to delete that partition, even with Admin privilege. Any help would be appreciated.

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Oliver· Answered on May 31, 2024

You can delete the recovery partition on Windows 8.1 with a professional partition manager like EaseUS Partition Master when the Command Prompt fails.

Windows has restricted users from deleting and formatting a recovery partition. So, you can't delete the recovery partition via Command Prompt or Disk Management because it's protected. Thus, you need help from professional third-party software like EaseUS Partition Master Free. It has a powerful feature that can help you delete partitions on the disks fast.

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Before you delete the recovery partition, I must remind you that it is a functional partition that stores Windows recovery files. This partition allows you to restore the operating system when system failure occurs. Therefore, you'd better create a bootable Windows USB drive or make system backup regularly, like creating an ISO Image, to deal with unexpected issues.

After the backup, you can follow the steps here to delete the recovery partition:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master and choose the recovery partition in the "Partition Manager" tab.

Step 2. Select "Delete" on the feature list.

Step 3. Click "Yes" to confirm the warning and then click "Execute xx Task" > "Apply" to start the deletion.

You can read the article below to learn more details.

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