Why Can't Extend C Drive with Other Partition After Deleting

Hello, I installed Ubuntu before installing Windows on my disk. Then, I deleted Ubuntu and install Windows on my C drive. The problem is that I can't extend my C drive with the other partition which contained Ubuntu, which has stripes, by the way. I just can't do it in Disk Management. Is it because the C partition is in the last place on the drive? I really need help to resolve this problem please.

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Cici· Answered on Jun 14, 2024

Hello, I'm here to help. After you delete your Ubuntu, you will get an unallocated space. When you use Disk Management to extend your C drive, you have to make sure that your free space is next to the C drive on the right side. This is a strict requirement you have to follow. If your unallocated space is not to the right of your C drive, the extending process cannot begin successfully.

Don't worry. In order to help you solve this problem, I recommend you use a tool called EaseUS Partition Master Professional. It can help you expand the C drive even when the target partitions are not adjacent. Also, it has a simple interface, which makes it easier for you to perform the task. You can use the "Resize/Move" feature and simply drag your C drive to make it bigger.

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Here are the steps for you:

Step 1. Run EaseUS Partition Master. Go to the "Partition Manager" section.

Step 2. Select your C drive, right-click on it, and choose "Resize/Move".

Step 3. Drag your C drive into the unallocated space. Click "OK" and "Apply" to execute the task.

It will be much easier to extend your C drive with other partitions with the help of EaseUS Partition Master. I hope that this can solve your problem.

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