I Need Solid Ways That Can Create a New Partition on the Hard Drive, Help

I'm not satisfied with the partition number of my hard drive, so I plan to add one more to it. After a bit of research, I found there are lots of methods that can help me with that. But I feel hard to choose. Can you give me some advice on solid ways that can create a new partition on the hard drive?

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Roxanne· Answered on Aug 09, 2023

Partitioning a hard drive is an effective way to manage the data stored on your hard drives. For example, you can store different types of files in individual partitions, which improves data security. I will offer two solid ways to create a new hard drive partition. Let's see the basic information about them.

Comparison EaseUS Partition Master Disk Management
đŸ’»Need format or not No Yes
🚁Efficiency High Medium
đŸ’”Charge or free



The comparison table shows that EaseUS Partition Master will meet your demands without formatting the partition.

Way 1. Using EaseUS Partition Master

It is always the right choice to rely on a professional disk management tool to make a new partition on the hard drive. Let me introduce an all-feature free tool - EaseUS Partition Master, which allows you to make a new partition without formatting. Its user-friendly interface can significantly improve the efficiency of disk partitioning.

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Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

Download EaseUS Partition Master and follow the guide below to create a new partition:

(Skip to step 3 if your drive already has unallocated space.)

Step 1. Create unallocated space by right-clicking the partition with much free space and choosing "Resize/Move."

Step 2. Resize the partition to create unallocated space by dragging the right or left end of the partition. Click "OK" to move on.

Step 3. Run the Partition Manager and right-click the unallocated space to click "Create."

Step 4. Customize the advanced settings like the partition size, drive letter, partition label, and file system. Click "OK."

Step 5. Select "Execute 1 Task" and "Apply" to create a new partition on the hard drive.

Way 2. Create a New Partition With Disk Management

Using the Disk Management tool is perhaps one of the solid options for most users. It's a built-in tool provided by Windows that you can complete many disk tasks, such as deleting the NTFS partition. However, you should format the hard disk after creating a partition. Here is how to do it:

  • Disk format may cause data loss, so back up the whole target drive before making a new partition.
  • Right-click on This PC > Enter "Manage" > Click Device Manager and run "Disk Management" as an administrator.
  • Find the hard drive you want to partition, right-click on the free-space dominant partition, and select "Shrink Volume." Change the partition size and tap on "Shrink" to confirm.
  • Right-click on unallocated space, click "New Simple Volume," and select "Next" to continue. 
  • Set the size, drive letter, and file system of the new partition, and click "Finish" to wait for the format complete.

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