How Can I Merge Partitions on My SSD? Plz Help

I recently purchased a 250GB HP P600 SSD. When I connected it, three partitions appeared. How can I combine them without creating a dynamic disk from the combined partition?

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Roxanne· Answered on Dec 20, 2023

As you can see, there is no merge option in the Disk Management tool. The fastest way is to merge the two partitions on your SSD with a 3rd party utility such as EaseUS Partition Master. This versatile program has a "Merge" feature enables users to merge two adjacent or non-adjacent partitions without losing data. What's more. It has a clear interface and beginner-friendly features to shorten the merge operation.

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Method 1. Use EaseUS Partition Master to Merge Partitions - Safe

As a professional partition manager and maintainer, you can trust EaseUS Partition Master in the partition merging. Here is how to use it:

Step 1. Install and open EaseUS Partition Master, right-click the partition you want to keep, and select "Merge."

Step 2. Choose one partition next to it to combine. Click "OK" to confirm the operation.

Step 3. Select "Execute Task" > "Apply" to begin combining two partitions.

If there are more than two partitions and you just want to extend one, you can use the "Allocate Space" to increase free space by allocating some from other partitions, even if they are not contiguous.

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Method 2. Delete Redundant Partition via Disk Management - Dangerous

If you don't have any data on this hard drive and are quite familiar with the Windows built-in tool, you can manually delete all the partitions and turn them into unallocated space. Below are the steps:

Step 1. Hold "Windows + X" to find and open Disk Management.

Step 2. Right-click the partition and select the "Delete Volume" function. (This move will remove the partition and all the data.)

Step 3. Choose "Yes" to confirm the delete execution.

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