Answered: Which Software Can Convert MBR to GPT?

I renewed my Windows system recently, and the new OS cannot recognize my MBR disk. I have researched some information that Windows 11 only default GPT partition format. But here is the problem: I am unfamiliar with Widows CMD, so I want to find easy software to operate. Thanks for the help.

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Roxanne· Answered on Jul 31, 2023

MBR and GPT are two different partition table types. It could be very complicated if you are unfamiliar with the conversion process. So disk converter software has become more and more users' choice. After a comprehensive investigation, EaseUS Partition Master comes into our sight. It is beginner-friendly and has high efficiency in solving problems compared with other software. In addition to converting MBR to GPT, EaseUS Partition Master can change FAT32 to NTFS and realize the conversion between the primary and logical partition.

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Here is the specific guide on how to use EaseUS Partition Master:

Step 1. Click the download button and launch EaseUS Partition Master on your PC.

Step 2. Check the "Convert MBR to GPT" option under the "Disk Converter" section, and click "Next."

Step 3. Select the wanted MBR disk, and click "Convert" to change.

Wait for the end message of the conversion process, and restart the PC to check if the Operating System disk changed into GPT. There are many other methods to convert MBR to GPT. For example, Windows provides two built-in solutions. One is to run the Dispart command lines, and another is to use Disk Management. However, each requires a lot of work, so think twice before you try them.

Here are the disadvantages of the two methods:

  • Dispart: Before the conversion process, it will wipe all your data on this data.
  • Disk Management: It will convert until you delete all the original partitions.

EaseUS Partition Master can help you complete difficult conversations without losing any data in a few clicks. However, if you want to use the Windows built-in program, remember to fully back up your important data.  

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