Is a 1TB SSD Actually Worth It? And Should I Buy It?

I'm on a tight budget and am looking for the most effective strategy to save money. Should I get away with my 500GB SSD? Is a 1 TB SSD worth the price? Additionally, any other money-saving ideas are welcome.

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Roxanne· Answered on Aug 09, 2023

It depends. If you have an outdated computer, having a 1 TB SSD will boost your computer's overall performance and save you the money of buying a new computer. In addition, what you use the 1 TB SSD to do also matters. If you want to store a mount of pictures and games, a 1 TB SSD would be better than 500 GB. Here are the reasons why you should buy 1 TB SSD:

500 GB vs. 1 TB SSD: Which One to Choose?

  • Storage space: 1 TB SSD can hold 270,000 pictures, 250 videos, and 500 app installations at the same time. 1 TB SSD can install 15 games, while 500 GB SSD can hold only 4.
  • Price: the normal price range for a 500 GB SSD card is $50 to $100, while the price range for a 1 TB card is $90 to $150. Twice the storage space doesn't mean double the price.

If you decide to get a 1 TB SSD, you need to learn how to set up a new SSD on your computer. Keep reading and learn more details.

How to Set Up a New SSD

First, you should correctly connect the new 1 TB SSD to your computer to install the SSD. And then, you need to initialize the SSD correctly. Compared to the Windows built-in Disk Management tool, EaseUS Partition Master will cut the process and help you initialize the new 1 TB within two steps. This all-featured third-party utility empowers you to initialize the new SSD with a user-friendly interface and free features.  

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Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master and navigate to "Partition Manager."

Step 2. Right-click the target SSD and select "Initialize to MBR" or "Initialize to GPT." Click "Execute Task" and hit "Apply" to confirm the changes.

After initializing, you can also use EaseUS Partition Master to help you partition your new 1 TB SSD:

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