How to Convert from MBR to GPT Without Losing Data

I would like to upgrade my Windows 10 to Windows 11. The issue here is the secure boot. When I enabled it, my SSD did not show up in the BIOS. After some search, I found that I need to convert my disk from MBR to GPT. Based on your experience, Is it safe to convert my disk from MBR to GPT using the command?

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Roxanne· Answered on Jul 31, 2023

According to your description, your computer has just been upgraded, which is changed from legacy boot mode to UEFI boot mode. It's the reason that you cannot boot your Windows system on the MBR disk. The built-in tool of Windows, such as Dispart and Disk Management, will wipe all your data on this disk. Therefore, do a full backup before using them, or you will lose all your important data, and the process is irreversible. Don't worry. We will teach you a safe method by which you can convert Windows to GPT without wiping all data. Keep reading and find more details.

EaseUS Partition Master is our highly recommended choice for converting Windows from MBR to GPT. It's a tailor-made tool for your case and can dispel your concerns about data security. Furthermore, its Disk Converter will help you change the MBR disk to a GPT disk in no time. Besides, no matter if you are a professional user or a novice to the computer, the simple interface of this software will make it easy to do the conversion process.

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Follow the steps to learn how to use EaseUS Partition Master to convert MBR to GPT:

Step 1. Install EaseUS Partition Master on your computer.

Step 2. Choose the "Disk Convertertool and click "Convert MBR to GPT," and tap "Next."

Step 3. Find the MBR disk in the options, and click "Convert" to begin.

After the three steps are done, your Windows disk should become a GPT disk, now try to boot it. Converting Windows from MBR to GPT can be complicated and dangerous if you are not an experienced computer user. If you need any additional help, click the below link to find everything you want to know:

More Information: Unable to Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic

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