MBR to GPT Conversion to Extend Drive, How to Do It on Windows Server?

Hello, we have a file server that we're constantly fighting to keep under 2TB due to its data drive initially being provisioned as an MBR drive. We would like to increase that drive's capacity to 2.5 TB because we have available space on our SAN, but the drive's MBR prevents us from doing so. So my question is how to extend my hard drive to 2.5TB. I'll appreciate it if anyone can help.

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Sherly· Answered on Apr 22, 2024

This is because MBR doesn't allow users to have a partition larger than 2TB. To break the limitation and fix your problem, you need to convert MBR to GPT. You can use Disk Management, a nice disk utility built-in Windows, to help convert. I'll list the steps next, so follow the guide to try:

Disk Management requires you to delete all the volumes on the target disk, so back up your important data in advance.
  • Press Windows + S, enter disk management, and from the search results, select "Create and format hard disk partitions."
  • Find the existing partitions on the MBR drive, right-click on a volume, and choose Delete Volume after Disk Management has opened.
  • To ensure the deletion, click OK. To delete every extant volume on the disk, repeat steps 2 and 3.
  • After your MBR disk has become an empty drive, right-click it, choose "Convert to GPT," and then click OK to finalize.

As you can see, Disk Management will delete all volumes and cause data loss during the conversion. Besides, it can't convert to GPT/MBR if the disk contains the operating system, so choosing a reliable third-party tool is vital. I recommend EaseUS Partition Master Server, which won't cause any data loss while converting MBR to GPT.

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You don't have to delete any volume to convert to GPT if you use EaseUS Partition Master, making the whole process shorter and easier. You can click the link to get more information about it.

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