128GB USB Stick Only Showing 32GB Available, How to Fix?

I recently formatted my 128 GB USB, which stores Windows 10 backup. However, when I checked the USB stick's properties after formatting, it said it only has a capacity of 32 GB. What can I do to get the full capacity?

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Roxanne· Answered on May 22, 2024

First, let's check some common reasons why 128GB USB only shows 32GB:

  • Formatted as FAT32: The FAT32 file system has a maximum file size limit of 4GB and a partition size limit of 32GB. If your 128GB USB drive is formatted as FAT32, it can only show up to 32GB of storage. 
  • Invalid Partition: If the USB drive has an invalid partition or the partition table is corrupted, it may only show a portion of the actual storage capacity. 
  • Windows Installation/Recovery Drive: If the USB is used as a Windows installation or recovery drive with specific partitions and storage allocations, it can only show the total capacity for system-related files and recovery partitions. 

No matter which situation you are in, you can format your USB, you can format it as NTFS correctly to access the full capacity. EaseUS Partition Master Free can help format USB flash drives to various file systems without destroying the device. In addition, this free tool can also help you extend the new NTFS partition to show its full capacity:

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Here's how to format a disk from FAT32 to NTFS easily:

Step 1. Insert the USB disk and start EaseUS Partition Master.

Step 2. Press and hold the partition on your USB drive, then select "Advanced" > "FAT to NTFS."

Step 3. Confirm the action and begin the process.

After formatting your USB to NTFS, you can extend the partition and show its full storage capacity:

Step 1. In the Partition Manager tab of the EaseUS Partition Master sidebar, right-click the partition on your USB.

Step 2. Choose the "Extend Volume" option from the menu.

Step 3. Follow the wizard guide and finish the process.

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