Is There Any Way To Partition an External Hard Drive Without Any Data Loss

I want to use an external hard drive on my computer. And I know I must create partitions on it first. But I don't know how to partition an external hard drive before using it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Roxanne· Answered on May 16, 2024

Let's get straight to the point. According to your description, you want to partition your external hard drive. Thus, I have prepared two reliable methods based on your need in this post. Before learning how to partition your external hard drive, if there are important data on it, do not hesitate to back up all of them in case of accidental data loss. 

First, here comes the most accessible way: EaseUS Partition Master Free, a third-party tool that allows you to partition your hard drive without data loss in a few clicks. In addition, its Partitions Manager feature is operable and adept at completing all kinds of partition tasks. 

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Install the professional software free and partition your external hard drive as follows:

Step 1. Go to EaseUS Partition Master and open "Partition Manager" on the left.

Step 2. (If your drive is brand-new, a New Disk Guide window will pop out, and you only need to click "Partition this disk." If not, and it has no unallocated space, follow the instruction below to shrink the disk partition.)

Right-click the partition with a lot of space and select "Resize/Move," drag the right or left end of the partition to create ample unallocated space, and click "OK" > "Execute 1 Task" > "Apply."

Step 3. Set the partition size, partition drive letter, partition label, file system, and so on in the advanced settings and click "OK."

Step 4. Click "Execute 1 Task" and "Apply" to finish the process.

Compared to the first method, using Disk Management to partition a hard drive takes longer and is more complex. However, if you are a computer professional, follow the link below to learn how to partition the drive using Windows built-in tool:

Read More: Partition a Hard Drive with Disk Management

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