How Can I Transfer GTA Online Characters From PS4 to PS5

I've always played Grand Theft Auto Online on my PlayStation 4. Now that I have a PS5, I want to migrate my saved data and character. However, it doesn't seem to work via settings. I can access my old GTA online data if I download GTA 5 from the PlayStation store. How can I transfer GTA Online data between PS4 and PS5?

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Roxanne· Answered on Mar 22, 2024

If you want to continue playing the old-gen GTA Online instead of the enhanced version of GTA 5 or the standalone release of GTA Online, you need to migrate your GTA Online character and story mode progress from PS4 to PS5. Here are two methods to do that:

Note: To link your old and new generation GTA Online accounts, ensure they share the same Rockstar Social Club account.

Way 1. Best Game Data Transfer Tool

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional is one of the most reliable data transfer tools, with quick performance and advanced features. GTA players can flexibly migrate the characters and saved data from PS4 to PS5 without losing data.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Step 1. Connect the PS4 and PS5 hard drives to your computer. Then, download EaseUS Todo PCTrans on the same computer.

Step 2. Luanch EaseUS Todo PCTrans and click "App Migration > Start." Select the console file you want to transfer on the PS4 drive. 

Step 3. Click the triangle icon and choose the PS5 drive as the destination.

Step 4. Press "Transfer" to move your GTA Online Character and save data to PS5.

Way 2. Use the Migrate Profile Feature

Your profile will be automatically uploaded once you have linked your PS4 and PS5 GTA Online accounts using the same Rockstar Social Club account. Below is how you can migrate the PS4 profile to PS5:

Step 1. Download and set up GTA Online on your PS5. Then, you will receive the "migrate profile" prompt.

Step 2. Locate and choose the PS4 console profiles you want to migrate.

Step 3. Confirm the profile migration when the warning message says to ensure you are migrating the correct profile.

Step 4. After you've completed profile migration, you have two options: create a new character(new GTA Online Career Builder) or continue with the old character. (You must remove one of your GTA Online characters if you already have two.)

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