Which Tool I Can Use to Burn Iso to USB?

I want to burn Windows 8 ISO to make a bootable USB. However, there are too many tools online. Which should I choose and how to use it? Any advice, thanks.

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Roxanne· Answered on Apr 18, 2024

Based on my experience, EaseUS Partition Master Professional is the best Windows ISO image burner. With the help of its "Burn ISO" tool, you can seamlessly burn ISO files to USB without losing data. This all-around software is highly compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11.

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Preparations for Windows 8 ISO Burning

Before starting, you need to finish the preparation list:

  • Prepare an internal or external CD-ROM burner and a USB of at least 8 GB.
  • Format the USB flash drive to FAT32.
  • Back up all the data on the target DVD to an empty external device because all data on it will be deleted.

How to Burn Windows 8 ISO

Install this burner on your Windows 8 computer, and then follow the quick guide here:

Step 1. Enter EaseUS Partition Master > "Bootable Media". Click "Burn ISO" > "Next."

Step 2. Select the Windows 8 ISO image and click "Open."

Step 3. Choose "Next," locate the target USB as the destination, and click "Burn" to begin the operation.

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