My PC Won't Respond When I Boot Up with Cursor Stays On Arrow - Help

The problem started a few hours ago when I was booting up my computer. It was stuck in the black loading screen, with my cursor staying on the arrow and moving around. Then, I tried booting it into safe mode, but it's not working. It's still stuck on the black screen. What should I do? Should I reinstall Windows 10? Any help?

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Cici· Answered on Jul 08, 2024

Hi, I hope I can help you with your issue. Your PC failing to boot up can be caused by several factors. For example, in the physical sense, your power cable is not plugged in correctly. Also, problems with your power supply, monitor, or battery can cause booting failure. If you restart your PC and the problem persists, you can consider other reasons, such as corrupted MBR, misconfiguration of the system, corrupted file system, etc.

You need to boot into safe mode by pressing the power button for 10 seconds. Maybe you didn't press for enough time when trying to boot into safe mode. Generally, you can run SFC and CHKDSK to fix the errors. However, I recommend you use a reliable boot repair tool to save time and energy. EaseUS Partition Master Professional can help rebuild MBR and repair disk errors automatically, effectively, and efficiently. It is very user-friendly, so you don't have to worry about how to use it.

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Follow the steps to bring your PC back to work:

Step 1. Prepare a USB drive and download EaseUS Partition Master on a workable PC.

Step 2. Connect your USB to this PC and launch EaseUS Partition Master. Go to "Bootable Media" > "Create Bootable Media".

Step 3. Select your USB and create the bootable media.

Step 4. Connect your USB to the PC you need to fix. Press F2/F8/Del while rebooting the PC to access BIOS. Set the USB as the boot drive.

Step 5. Restart the PC and run EaseUS Partition Master. Go to "Toolkit" > "Boot Repair" to fix the issue.

EaseUS Partition Master can make it safer and easier to fix when your hard drive won't boot. I hope that this solution can help you fix the problem.

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