Can't Format/Clean USB Bootable Flash Drive, How to Fix

I have a nasty problem where my bootable USB shows up as unlabeled Disk 1 in Disk Management and says 'No Media.' When I run the CHKDSK command, the error message remains the same. In Diskpart, it shows as Disk 1, Status No Media, Size 0B, Free 0B. When I type clean after selecting Disk 1, it says, 'Virtual Disk Service Error: No media in the device.' What can I do to format my USB?

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Sherly· Answered on Jul 31, 2023

I know you've tried using disk management before, but please be patient and try my suggestion. I have also encountered this kind of similar problems, such as removable disk no media. There are many reasons that can cause this problem, bad sectors, virus infection, file system errors, loose connection, forcible removal, insufficient power supply of the USB port, etc.

Here are some quick fixes for this error; try them first:

  • Check the USB port
  • Check the power source

Then, if nothing becomes better, follow the guide below to try.

What I suggest you do is, check for bad sectors and file system errors on the USB, then run the CHKDSD command to fix them. EaseUS Partition Master can do an efficient disk surface test for your USB and check its file systems to locate the bad sectors and file system errors.

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Here is how to:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master. Right-click the disk(your USB) that you want to check, and then choose "Surface Test."

Step 2. The operation will be immediately executed, and all bad sectors on your disk will be marked as red.

After this process, you can use CHKDSD /F /R commands to fix the bad sectors on your USB. Then, you can use EaseUS Partition Master to format USB now. Or you can click the link to learn how to format a USB using CMD.

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